Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Linda Nolan becomes fifth housemate to be evicted

by Nick Barnes
celebrity big brother eye

celebrity big brother eye

After lasting 22 days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Linda Nolan became the fifth housemate to be evicted this evening, just days before the finale.

It has most definitely been a turbulent couple of weeks in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but as we’re approaching the finale on Wednesday night Big Brother felt the need to throw a round of surprise face-to-face nominations in the mix, which lead to a massive argument in the house.

As Luisa went to change her nominations half way through the process, Big Brother took away her right to nominate and as a result, Jim Davidson, Lee Ryan, Linda Nolan, Luisa Zissman and Ollie Locke faced the public vote this evening. Linda and Ollie faced the vote for the first time!

Following on from the nominations last night in which Linda told Ollie to grow a pair of balls, he tried to address his nominations in which he was told that he needed to have a backbone and an opinion. However, in the bedroom after the nominations, Linda and Luisa had a jolly good laugh at Ollie’s expense in which Luisa said that Ollie reckons he’s “fabulous”.

There was also a bit of a hoo has over Dappy nominating Linda for some bizarre reason about him sleeping because he’s going to be promoting an album.
Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Linda Nolan

But, this evening it was Linda’s turn to face the music and she left the house to quite a bad reaction from the crowd.

It’s safe to say that the biggest ‘highlight’ of her time in the house is her constant bickering with Jim Davidson. The pair entered the house cuffed up together and surprisingly, they got on for the first few days, but then after that it all went south.

There hasn’t a day gone by in which Linda and Jim haven’t argued with one another, and God forbid you ask her about Frank Carson’s dressing room…

Nick Barnes

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  1. linda on January 24, 2014 at 10:14 pm

    So there is a God after all and we will not have to look at Linda again. The whole of our street is celebrating with talk of a street party tomorrow. There has not been such joy since VE day. I actually feel sorry for her. How can anyone inspire such loathing among so many people?

  2. jo on January 24, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    Thank god that nasty woman has gone what a Bitter person I truely believe she is in love with Jim really hope he wins he has done is best to make amends with this woman but to no avail what a evil woman she needs to get over what ever happened in the past and live for the future but it shows in her face how bitter she is ! god help her !

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