Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Liz Jones becomes fourth housemate to be evicted

by Nick Barnes
celebrity big brother eye

celebrity big brother eye
Liz Jons has become the fourth housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Over the weekend, the housemates nominated as normal in the privacy of the diary room, but it wasn’t all that private in the end.

It was announced that Liz Jones, Jim Davidson and Sam Faiers would face the public vote this Wednesday, but following on from the announcement, Big Brother broadcast the nominations on the screen in the living area.

Sam Faiers took the news to heart as it was revealed that Jim Davidson and Liz Jones had nominated her tactically. Liz Jones wants to go home, therefore she nominated Sam as she sees her as a strong contender. If Liz goes up against someone strong, then she has a chance of being evicted.

Sam was pretty upset by the nominations process and that people had nominated her tactically rather than nominating her for real reasons.

Jim Davidson also took the news badly. Even though he wasn’t saying he was annoyed, it looked like he was a bit upset that people nominated him purely for being a tad grumpy.

The only housemate that took the news reasonably well was Liz as she’s adamant she wants to go home now, but there was a bit of a rift between her and Sam as Sam wasn’t happy she’d been nominated tactically.

However, this evening Liz Jones became the fourth housemate to be evicted from the house just a week before the finale.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Liz Jones

It’s safe to say that over the first couple of weeks, Liz was a bit of a slow burner and she seemed to take a step back. In fact, you may have forgot she was there if the producers didn’t give her about 20 seconds of air time every night.

However, in the last few days, Liz has really come into her own and has received a lot more air time, so it’s sad she’s gone as she could have been an interesting character.

Liz played a brilliant part in Luisa’s task a couple of days back in which Luisa had to make her laugh and Liz kept harping on about her dead cat, how her boyfriend may have left her when she leaves the house, how only one person will be waiting for her on the outside and how she has a disease where she just can’t be happy.

We also learned a very revealing secret that Liz didn’t lose her virginity until she was 32 and she claimed that her husband never saw her without a t-shirt on. oh my!

Are you pleased that Liz is out or are you a bit gutted since she seemed to be coming into her own? Let us know in the comments below.

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