Celebrity Big Brother 2014: What did Casey Batchelor & Lee Ryan do in BED and he admits he’s a “show off”

by Nick Barnes
lee ryan celebrity big brother

lee ryan celebrity big brother

Day Two: On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother…

As we saw on last night’s highlights show, Dappy was getting close to Jasmine. Jasmine was getting far too close to Lee – at least her head was. And, Casey was getting a little bit jealous over Lee liking the house’s Megan Fox equivalent.

But, it turns out Casey and Lee did a bit of ahem… forking in bed on the first night.

In the Diary Room, Lee tells Big Brother: “She kept on trying to spoon me, and then half way through the night, she tried to fork me!”

Okay Lee, we know that forking may sound like some innuendo to the filth bags among us, which is why you don’t say it, because we’ll happily believe you.

Casey retorted: “You watch the footage and look who is trying to spoon”.

At least there was no finger banging… right, Jasmine?

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Casey Batchelor

Turns out, the housemates are allowed to take off their handcuffs when they sleep, so the housemates have absolutely no reason to be spooning each other. If they do, it’s of their own accord. Will we see something come of this or is Lee just being the cheeky chappy he thinks he is?

Meanwhile, returning to the Diary Room later in the day, Lee tells Big Brother that he’s just a show off and Casey makes him worse as she laughs at him.

He explains: “Casey is good fun; she gets my sense of humour and laughs at me which makes me worse! I’m a show off! Liz is finding it difficult here, bless her. She is a very insecure [and] nervous person; I hope she survives the eviction. I don’t want to see Dappy go; he brings so much warmth and love to the house”.

The first eviction will take place on Wednesday evening in which two more couples will face the public vote along with Dappy and Liz Jones. But, who do you think will be facing the chop?

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