Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Channel 5 unveils NEW Diary Room chair (PICTURES)

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother 2014

Channel 5 has unveiled the brand new Diary Room chair ahead of the launch of Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

At the moment, I’m struggling with how to describe the chair and formulate some sort of opinion on it… but it’s safe to say that it looks very… regal?

As we have seen from the house pictures so far, the execs have gone for a regal/palace/life of luxury feel to the house.

The Diary Room is no different and whilst the design of the room is nicer than previous years, I have to say, personally it’s the vilest Diary Room chair I’ve ever witnessed.

The seat itself seems very small, which means we’ll most likely not be seeing many celebrities in the Diary Room at one time. At either side of the seat are two lions with what look like wings and EVERYTHING about the chair is gold. (Does the Big Brother 8 chair not spring to mind?)

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Diary Room

Unfortunately, in the high-def press pictures that have been released, the chair looks plastic. Yes, we know the chair was never going to be made out of solid gold, even if Lady Gaga entered the house, Channel 5 wouldn’t have a gold chair.

But, it seems the bosses have tried to go for an exquisite, rich and royal theme but, it looks a little – dare I say – cheap?

I thought the waltzer-themed Celebrity Big Brother DR chair we had a few years back was bad, but this takes the biscuit.

The rest of the Diary Room is quite elegant as it takes on a blue, floral design with the standard black floor. But, it may look a little different when it’s on TV.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Diary Room

Elsewhere, the house itself has had a huge redesign for the forthcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother. The bedroom has beds that wouldn’t look out of place in Buckingham Palace and the rows of books have been replaced with a wall of shoes. The kitchen and the living area have swapped places, with the living area now being by the stairs. Chandeliers, statues and golden mirrors litter the house and the entrance is very grand, but will it be a life of luxury for our celebrity housemates?

Bit on the Side host, Rylan Clark doesn’t seem to think so as he’s warned us not to be fooled by the appearance of the house.

What do you make of the new Diary Room chair? Do you like it? Was you almost sick when you saw it? Does it look too plasticy?

Nick Barnes

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