Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Dappy argues with Luisa Zissman “You violated me” and who nominated who?

by Nick Barnes
Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Luisa Zissman

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Luisa Zissman

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother…

On this evening’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Dappy and Luisa Zissman have a bit of a bust up over him sleeping all of the time. However, he isn’t happy that she’s too argumentative.

Apparently, Luisa somehow “violated” dappy and he’s not too pleased about it.

He tells her: “You violated me”

She replies: “You cannot be scared to speak out”.

Dappy adds: “But you speak out too quick, you point the finger and you are fiery, you point out and why do you just hold that back”.

Luisa tells him: “Because that’s not me, you are who you are and I am who I am. I’m cool, I’ve held myself back and that’s fine, hold yourself back if you want to get the public to like you because you’re so scared of speaking out. I’m not saying that to be mean.

“It’s like you don’t sit with us, you don’t speak with us and for us when we like you, I care about you, and it’s like what’s up. When I say you’ve been sleeping all day, I didn’t mean it like you’ve taken it”.

Dappy tells her: “It’s like someone punching me in my face, that’s how it felt”.


Luisa apologises and Dappy accepts and they seemingly hug it out.

Elsewhere, earlier today we revealed that five housemates will face the public vote this week including Luisa Zissman, Evander Holyfield, Jasmine Waltz, Liz Jones and Jim Davidson. Of course, Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan are immune from tomorrow’s first real eviction.

However, it has been revealed who nominated who. Check out the list, below:

  • Ollie nominates Liz as she doesn’t make an effort around the house and he nominates Evander as he hasn’t offered to cook, clean or do the washing up.
  • Evander nominates Jasmine as she has ‘stirred’ the situation between Lee and Casey. His second nomination went to Ollie as he thinks he is a big threat.
  • Linda nominates Jim as he makes ‘snide remarks’ and she also nominates Liz as she feels it’s difficult to get to know her.
  • Sam nominates Luisa as she is bitchy and she also nominates Jim as he upset Linda.
  • Dappy nominates Luisa as she’s argumentative and Liz because she kept saying she wanted to go home when they were handcuffed together.
  • Lionel nominates Jasmine as she screams all of the time and Jim because he likes to be in charge.
  • Luisa nominates Dappy as he is ‘boring’ and ‘pointless’ whilst her second nomination goes to Jim as she thinks he doesn’t want to be in the house.
  • Liz nominates Luisa as she feels she is bossy and she also nominates Evander as they’ve had a few disagreements over animal rights.
  • Jim nominates Linda as he doesn’t like her and she also nominates Liz as he feels he always needs to be nice to her.
  • Jasmine nominates Jim as they have had previous arguments and Liz because she doesn’t engage in any conversations.

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