Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Dappy continues to bitch about his IQ test & Jim Davidson is SICK of arguing – erm, OK!

by Nick Barnes
luisa dappy

Dappy luisa zissman fight

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother…

Over the last couple of days, there has been SO much arguing in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but on tonight’s show, Jim Davidson insist that he has had enough. Will he end up calling a truce?

I certainly hope not, as we need moody Jim to cause some more rumbles in the house before the series is over! We can’t have it going dry on us now it has been extended.

However, on tonight’s show, he tells Sam Faiers: “No more arguing. I’m sick of it in here. I’m not going to do it at home anymore either. I’m going to have part of my brain removed, I’m going to have a labotomoy”.

Somehow, Jim, I don’t believe that you’re going to stop being a “grumpy bastard”, in the words of Luisa.

On last night’s highlights show, we saw Dappy and Luisa Zissman take Big Brother’s IQ test after Dappy boasted that he was quite intelligent the other day. However, as Big Brother presented the quiz to him, he was quick to pull out and say that he wasn’t doing it.

jim davidson

Following on from the test, it was revealed that Dappy only scored 6% and Luisa scored a huge 69% on the quiz and Dappy wasn’t happy. He quickly retracted his statement and said that he didn’t want the scenes to be shown on TV as he thought his fans would think he was an idiot. He told Big Brother that he was good at English Language and … rapping! He threw his toys out of the pram and said that he was going to walk if the scenes were going to be shown on TV so of course, Big Brother broadcast them!

On tonight’s show, Dappy is STILL bitching about the IQ test and tells Big Brother: “Right now I don’t feel like I’m in the game. Right now I don’t feel like I am in the house. I feel isolated because I can’t be myself.

“You know me, I’m not an aggressive person, I’m not Einstein, I’m smart in other things. If is is going to be aired then I have all my clothes ready. I just need to go”.

See Dappy, that’s what you get for boasting about your A+ in Music!

Nick Barnes

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  1. jamine Fowler on January 19, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    Dappy is so cute and a nice person.Don’t worry about the IQ ,haha. Just leave your willie alone ,we all know by now how long it is.

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