Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Dappy & Evander Holyfield crack the UFO’s mainframe and win a luxury shopping budget

by Nick Barnes
Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Alien Shopping Task

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Alien Shopping Task

The housemates have passed this week’s shopping task and will therefore enjoy a luxury shopping budget.

Viewers will be able to see the culmination of the UFO task on this evening’s highlights show in which Evander Holyfield and Dappy destroyed the spaceship’s mainframe.

Yesterday’s task was split up into three parts. To begin with, Dappy and Evander had to sneak into the UFO and once in there, they set off a security timer which counted down to zero.

The pair had to smash up a load of eggs. All but one of the eggs contained disgusting and smelly gunge. When they found the egg that did not contain gunge, it activated the computer’s mainframe.

Once the mainframe had been activated, both Dappy and Evander had to crack the security system. Since the aliens had been studying the housemates, they’d set a series of security questions based on the housemates and Dappy and Evander had to guess at least three correctly. For every question they guessed wrong, the captured housemates would receive an electric shock.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Alien Shopping Task

For the first question, they were asked what position Blue came when they were in the Eurovision Song Contest. Lee Ryan, who of course is a member of the band, said that they came in 12th place. The answer he gave was wrong and earned the captured housemates an electric shock. Evander and Dappy finally guessed that the answer was 11 which was correct.

The next question asked how many years have passed since Jim Davidson last presented the Generation Game. They initially guessed 20 years, but that was wrong. They then guessed that the answer was 12 and they were correct.

The third question was regarding Jasmine’s sex tape. The pair had to guess how many minutes it lasted for. When they asked Jasmine for a bit of help, she insisted that she didn’t know.

With nothing to work on, the pair guessed 40 minutes, which was wrong. However, in the end they got the correct answer by guessing 48 minutes.

As they eventually answered thee questions correctly, the housemates have therefore won a luxury shopping budget this week. We’re happy to say that it’s out with the iPads and in with the old blackboard and chalk!

Nick Barnes

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