Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Evander Holyfield on being evicted: ‘I thought I would be loved, it obviously wasn’t enough’

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Evander Holyfield

This evening, Evander Holyfield became the first celebrity to be given the boot from this year’s Celebrity Big Brother house.

He may have only been in the house for one week, but what a whirlwind of a week it has been. On the first night, he was handcuffed to quite a big character in Luisa Zissman, but he is a very quiet, calm and collected character so we’ve not seen an awful lot of him since.

As part of tonight’s twist, Luisa Zissman and Evander were the two housemates left and Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor chose to give him the boot over Luisa.

Upon his exit from the house, he received an amaing response from the crowd and speaking to Emma Willis in his post-Big Brother interview, Evander said that he thought he was the second housemate to be evicted due to the twist on Wednesday evening.

“Well, you know. I thought I was second to be evicted (because of Casey and Lee’s fake eviction). I thought I would be loved here, I got a few votes and that wasn’t enough,” he said about being the first to be evicted.

When asked if he was surprised by Casey and Lee’s decision, he said: “No, they said Luisa was their friend… that’s their choice”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Evander Holyfield

One of his nominations came from Liz Jones, due to their difference in opinions on the matter of animals. Speaking about that matter, he explained: “Not really, I’m glad that people speak up about what they truly believe in. I had to nominate two, and I didn’t know anybody to a point where I could point out anything like that”.

Speaking about Ollie’s nomination about not helping out around the house, he said: “I do [help out], but the fact of the matter is, Luisa was cooking and I was chained to her. I did everything that I was asked to”.

He also nominated Ollie due to being the biggest threat in there. From a strategic point of view, Evander explained: “Ollie, he was friends with the girls, everybody knew him, he hugged everybody, he was friends with everybody. Either way it goes, he’s going to be able to get people to do this and that. Other than that, he’s the only person that I felt saw both sides”.

On being handcuffed to Luisa, he said: “In that aspect, I’ve never been handcuffed to anybody so I definitely wouldn’t want to be handcuffed to anybody. I guess the most important thing is being handcuffed to a beautiful lady like that, you have to sleep next to them. You feel uncomfortable, but I made it. Actually, when we bonded, we had to respect each other and I knew not to pull my arms too hard – I had to think before I reacted. As soon as the handcuffs came off, she went her own way and she was a lot different than what I thought”.

Finally, he said that he would like to see Dappy win.

Nick Barnes

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