Celebrity Big Brother 2014 FINAL: Casey Batchelor finishes in sixth place

by Nick Barnes
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Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Casey Batchelor

This evening Casey Batchelor has finished in sixth place on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

This evening saw the finale of Celebrity Big Brother 2014, and what a year it has been. After not one, but two extensions, the show much come to an end this evening.

It has been a turbulent three weeks inside the Celebrity Big Brother house as we have had Frank Carson’s dressing room, arguments, rifts, secret missions, disagreements, a love triangle and even simulated sex acts. I won’t mention that over 18’s room, either! It truly has been a brilliant series of Celebrity Big Brother and we’ve had an amazing mix of characters in the house.

Oh where do I start with Casey Batchelor? Casey has been stuck in one of the messiest love triangles that we’ve seen on Celebrity Big Brother and even the civilian Big Brother in a long while. She entered the house tied to the house’s resident sex pest Lee Ryan, but once the handcuffs came off, Lee went and bed hopped over to Team Jasmine Waltz.

Following on from Jasmine’s departure from the house, it looked like a spark had reignited between Casey and Lee again, only to be smashed to smithereens when Jasmine reentered the house as part of a task last week. I don’t feel we got to see enough of Casey on her own in the house as whenever we did see her, she was always tied to Lee.

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But, since Lee has been evicted, Casey has taken the last few days in her stride and really come into her own. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see her in such a light before that.

Although Casey may have finished in sixth place, she left the house to an amazing reaction from the crowd. It seems that they’re on their best behaviour this evening.

Nick Barnes

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