Celebrity Big Brother 2014 FINAL: Luisa Zissman admits she was maybe a little harsh on Ollie Locke, but she doesn’t care…

by Nick Barnes
luisa zissman

This evening, it has been revealed that Luisa Zissman had become the third housemate to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house and subsequently finished in fourth place.

Luisa was definitely a very loud, over the top and boisterous character in the house, but it’s safe to say that this series of Celebrity Big Brother just wouldn’t have been the same without her, and no matter how controversial she has been, she’s brought a lot to the house, wouldn’t you agree?

In her exit interview with Emma Willis, Luisa said: “I honestly, I have no idea. Maybe, I don’t bullshit, I’m upfront, I don’t believe in being two faced and if people don’t like it, they can do one”.

Speaking about her EXPLOSIVE nature in the house, Luisa added: “No, [I never crossed the line]. I was maybe a little harsh on Ollie as he wouldn’t say boo to a ghost. It was so cringe, it was like he was running for prime minister – it was so inappropriate. It looked like that as he is quite sensitive.

“I really liked Lionel and I felt really bad, but I felt like he’d done all these naughty things with me in that room and we got into the house and he was like ‘You silly bitch’ and I was like ‘You ate the f*cking chocolates’.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Luiza Zissman

Luisa describes herself as opinionated a strong, but does she take that as a license to do what she wants? “I don’t really care what people think about me and more people should go through life like that. If you like it then you like it, if you don’t like it then you don’t”.

“Jim really thinks that I’ve got a barrier up and I’m not who I say I am. He thinks I am sensitive and insecure… and I’m really not. I don’t need anyone else to like me. I just don’t care,” she said about her relationship with Jim.

She continued: “I think, you know, Jim and Linda had this existing feud going on which none of us understood and it was apparent at times in which Jim dug at Linda, but when Linda left and it wasn’t pointed out to me, we then did get on. I don’t think Jim is a bad person”.

Going on to speak about Dappy, she added: “I love Dappy! I really do. He is so cute. I think that he is incredibly talented and it wasn’t until he sang that I thought he was really quite amazing. I like Dappy a little bit, but there’s nothing between us”.

Nick Barnes

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