Celebrity Big Brother 2014 FINAL: Luisa Zissman finishes in fourth place

by Nick Barnes
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Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Luiza Zissman

This evening Luisa Zissman has finished in Fourth place on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

This evening saw the finale of Celebrity Big Brother 2014, and what a year it has been. After not one, but two extensions, the show much come to an end this evening.

It has been a turbulent three weeks inside the Celebrity Big Brother house as we have had Frank Carson’s dressing room, arguments, rifts, secret missions, disagreements, a love triangle and even simulated sex acts. I won’t mention that over 18’s room, either!

It truly has been a brilliant series of Celebrity Big Brother and we’ve had an amazing mix of characters in the house.

The house’s resident rent-a-gob Luisa Zissman has caused a little bit of controversy along the way! We know that Luisa speaks her mind and she doesn’t care if you like her opinions or not.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Luiza Zissman

It would also seem she’s very familiar with the word ‘Chauvinistic’. Luisa has been punished in the house and she’s also had her fair share of arguments, most notably with Lionel Blair before he left the house. However, Jim and Luisa seemed to make up in the end, so all’s well that ends well.

Luisa may have been very loud and argumentative in the house, but it’s safe to say that this series of Celebrity Big Brother would not have been the same without her. If Luisa wasn’t in the house, it really wouldn’t have had the same feel and personally, I think she had a big part to play in how the series has gone this year as she really was a big personality like Jim Davidson.

But, I think we could have predicted that Luisa wasn’t going to win the show, she was far too controversial. However, finishing in fourth place isn’t a bad way to go at all.

Nick Barnes

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