Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Girl Aloud’s Sarah Harding denies line-up rumours ‘Is this April f***ing fools or Boxing Day?’

by Nick Barnes
sarah harding

sarah harding

Girl’s Aloud’s Sarah Harding has firmly denied that she will be appearing on the forthcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother, with a bit of a potty-mouthed tweet!

The star took to Twitter earlier today to deny that she would be entering the house after an apparent ‘confirmed’ line-up made its way online the other day.

She tweeted: “errrr….ahahahahHaha!! what is this?… April f***in fools or Boxing Day?! Reaallly?!!! #bull****”

She even went on to SLAM the creator of the list in which she added: “#obviouslyinthewrong job #nothingbettertodo #sad #p45 #fact #fiction #takingthepissoutofuisactuallyquitefun”

But, Sarah Harding doesn’t like anybody making stuff up about her and she made sure we all knew it, as she continued with her tirade of tweets: “Keep it comin fool! u gonna be the one with more than egg on that stupid face of urs come launch nite!” Oops!

Other stars to be supposedly entering the house early next year include model India Reynolds, Jim Davidson, Nigella Lawson, Charles Saatchi, Katie Price, Dappy and Neighbours star Alan Fletcher.

Unfortunately, the list won’t be so much confirmed until launch night on January 3, when the new series of Celebrity Big Brother will kick off on Channel 5.

Recently, the brand new Celebrity Big Brother 2014 eye was unveiled along with a stream of new house pictures.

celebrity big brother house

This year, the house has a very regal feel to it and it looks like it is ready for a load of VIP’s to move in. Gold sofa’s litter the bedroom, whilst the book shelf from last year’s summer series has been replaced by a line of shoes. Not only that, the beds have been kitted out with silk sheets.

The garden has been given the royal treatment with a large hot tub and leather chairs for the smokers and not only that, the kitchen and the living area have swapped places in the house. The living room now features at the bottom of the stairs.

The one room we haven’t seen yet is the diary room…we wonder what the new chair will look like?

Check out a few snaps of the house, below:

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