Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Housemates FAIL this week’s shopping task as they guess Jim Davidson’s little secret

by Nick Barnes
cbb housemates 2014

cbb housemates 2014

For this week’s shopping task, the celebrity housemates have been creating their own democracy, or so they thought…

Yesterday, Big Brother placed a round voting pod in the middle of the living room and every time Big Brother presented a dilemma, the housemates had to vote on it. However, it has today been revealed that the housemates have failed this week’s shopping task and will therefore live on a basic budget.

As part of the task, the celebrity housemates thought that they were voting on the dilemmas, however, only Jim’s keypad was working and he became the decider of every dilemma.

Yesterday, the housemates had to vote on dilemmas such as whether they would eat grey slop or hot and spicy curry every meal time, who were the most annoying housemates and who was the most boring.

This morning, the housemates had to vote on whether the housemates would stay up or go back to bed. Unsurprisingly, Jim, and the rest of the housemates, voted to go back to bed.

luisa zissman

Elsewhere, the housemates also had to vote on who they would like to send directly to jail. Jim voted for Luisa Zissman, as did the rest of the housemates.

In the final part of the task today, Big Brother revealed to the housemates that one housemate had been controlling the votes all along and they had to vote who why thought had been playing the decider.

As the housemates correctly guessed that Jim Daivdson had been up to no good for the past two days, they subsequently failed this week’s shopping task and will live on basic rations for the rest of the week.

Furthermore, as Luisa can’t keep to the rules, housemates will have no hot water or electrical appliances until further notice.

Celebrity Big Brother continues this evening on Channel 5.

Nick Barnes

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