Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jasmine Waltz becomes second housemate to be evicted

by Nick Barnes
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Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Jasmine Waltz

This evening Jasmine Waltz has been given the boot from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Jim, Luisa, Jasmine and Liz all faced the chop tonight after they were all put up for eviction a couple of days back following a round of face-to-face nominations.

Usually, it’s a process that the housemates struggle with, but this year’s batch seemed to get stuck into the face to face nomination malarkey with ease.

Of course, Luisa’s nominations made great viewing as she told Jim he’s “f*cking miserable” and she added that Liz spoke about her dogs too much. Lee and Liz were the only ones that really struggled with the nominations with the former being told that one of his nomination reasons wasn’t acceptable!

In total, Jasmine received 3 nominations from the housemates, but it seems she was less than popular with the British public.

Jasmine caused a bit of a stir from day one when she entered the house and was handcuffed to Sam Faiers. She got so drunk on the first night that she couldn’t even stand up properly.
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Following on from that, Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan started to get a little more than close and when the handcuffs were off, the gloves came off and Lee ran off to Jasmine, which didn’t go down well with Casey.

Jasmine and Lee have spent every spare minute (and there’s a lot in the house) flirting with each other or smooching away… Something Lee said he would never do in the house, mind.

However, in recent days, Jasmine has found herself in more trouble with the housemates after she persisted to use mascara, even though all beauty products had been confiscated from the house.

Do you think Jasmine was an entertainment housemate or are you glad that she has been evicted from the house?

Nick Barnes

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