Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jasmine Waltz drinks too much and ‘exposes herself’ in the bedroom & who does Dappy want a piece of?

by Nick Barnes
Celebrity Big Brother 2014


On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother…

Last night saw the launch of Celebrity Big Brother 2014, and it isn’t CBB without the celebrities pouring a load of booze down their necks.

The housemates were provided with quite a bit of alcohol last night as a ‘welcome’ to the Celebrity Big Brother life, however, Jasmine Waltz drunk a little too much and poor Sam Faiers was handcuffed to her.

Both Jasmine and Sam are in the living room as Jasmine stumbles and falls to the floor after drinking a tad too much… with the looks of things, she’d had a bit before she’d even exited the eye last night.

However, Dappy quickly disapproves of Jasmine and says that he doesn’t want to see her in the state that she’s in. He blames her behavior on the alcohol.

Later on in the evening, Jasmine cosies up to Dappy and begins flirting with him as he tells her she has a “tight wast”, but it’s not just Dappy has her eyes on as she begins to flirt with Lee Ryan as well.

In the bedroom, she attempts to get close to the Blue singer and then takes her chanse to ‘expose herself’ to the whole bedroom. Lee and Casey Batchelor are quick to stop Jasmine and tell her she “shouldn’t be doing that”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Jasmine Waltz

Elsewhere, Dappy admits in the Diary Room to Big Brother that he quite fancies “the brunette” that is Jasmine.

Big Brother asks him: “Who are you going to keep your cool around?”

Dappy replies: “That brunette in there, keep her away from me. The brunette I’m talking about looks like Megan Fox with those succulent lips. Don’t say it to her when she comes through the door because I’ll be upset.”

Ohh err… who is Jasmine going to get it on with in the house? And do you think poor Sam Faiers will be glad to ditch them handcuffs?

Nick Barnes

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