Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jasmine Waltz on yesterday’s shocking task: “I don’t really know where it leaves Lee and I”

by Nick Barnes
Jamsine Waltz Casey Batchelor Lee Ryan Celebrity Big Brother 2014

Jamsine Waltz Casey Batchelor Lee Ryan Celebrity Big Brother 2014

As part of yesterday’s task, Jasmine Waltz re-entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and it caused quite a stir.

Of course, over the last week or so since Jasmine was evicted from the house, Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan have been getting ever close to each other and it’s clear to see that Lee doesn’t like to put all of his eggs in one basket. But, Jasmine isn’t happy with that.

As part of the task, Jasmine entered the Celebrity Big Brother house to put her point across to both Lee and Casey and to state how emotional she has been watching the pair back together and it has really hurt her. It definitely caused a few sparks in the house but will Lee realise what he has in Jasmine and will he stop his antics with Casey?

Speaking exclusively to Channel 5 following the task, Jasmine said that the point in the task was for her to “get my point across to Lee and Casey and let them know how their actions have affected me“.

She went on to add that she is “watching their every move and every headline”.

It’s safe to say that the point that Jasmine wanted to get across was that what she is “seeing is extremely hurtful and just their actions are extremely insensitive”.

jasmine waltz lee ryan

Jasmine went on to say: “She knew how much I liked him and then proceeded to throw herself at him and make all these sexual propositions and to say all these thing were just extremely, extremely hurtful to me. As much as I want to be like ‘F*ck it. Screw you Casey, screw you Lee’, It’s hard because I can see her side, and I can see his side and it’s a really awkward situation. I’m put in a really weird situation where I didn’t think I’d care so much and I didn’t think It’d be something that I would get so emotional about, but unfortunately I did.”

Unfortunately, Jasmine also admitted that she doesn’t know where the whole situation leaves her and Lee at the moment, but she did add: “It’s going to be an interesting couple of days to see what happens and I’m really excited that it’s nearly the end as I’m so over this. I’m excited to get back to real life and re-connect with these people on a normal level without everything being so heightened. I guess we’ll see”.

jasmine waltz

“I feel like seeing me again, Lee will revisit all of the emotions he initially had in meeting me and all of the things that he did feel. I think after not seeing me for so long, [it] made him forget and made him imagine that I’m not there, but I am still here, I am still watching,” she explained “I am still emotional. I have feelings like everybody else so I think seeing me again is going to make him revisit all those things. It’s going to make the next couple of days really interesting for both him and Casey.”

Do you think that after seeing Jasmine again, Lee will calm down and back off Casey a little bit or does a leopard never change it’s spots?

Nick Barnes

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  1. chris kelly on January 26, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    cant wait to watch this. casey and lee are vile

  2. Valerie Hall on January 26, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    I think the Casey, Lee relationship great TV it’s what this programme is all about, after all he was with Casey from the beginning, and What I say to Jasmine is hard luck. For Lee to go back there must have been a chemistry between him and Casey that they could not resist. Jim’s right let Jasmine f..k off back to US, where she belongs. It is so nice to see the house so happy, without the trouble makers. So Jasmine just mooooooove on gal.
    This is the best CBB ever just love it xx
    I do think Jim will win, good on ya mate.

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