Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jim Davidson becomes the dictator in this week’s ‘Democracy’ shopping task

by Nick Barnes
Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Democracy shopping task

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Democracy shopping task

This week’s shopping task kicked off today and the housemates have been told that they must run their own Democracy, however, not all is as it seems.

The housemates will be presented with a large wireless voting system in the middle of the house today and each housemate will be given a keypad to use. Throughout the two-day task, Big Brother will give the housemates a series of dilemma’s to vote on, by using their keypads.

However, as part of the task, the voting will be done anonymously, and the housemates are not permitted to discuss the way they voted for each dilemma. Each housemate must live by the majority vote, even if it wasn’t their preferred option.

But… it wouldn’t be a Big Brother shopping task if there wasn’t some sort of deceit involved as only Jim Davidson’s keypad will work. The rest of the housemates will think that they’re voting on different topics, but in fact, Jim’s decision goes.

Jim has been forbidden to discuss his secret role with anyone and if anyone finds him out, then he will fail the shopping task for the whole group. If his little secret stays exactly that, then the house will win a luxury shopping budget.

At the end of the task, it’ll be revealed that one housemate has been secretly controlling the decisions the whole time and the housemates must vote who they think it is. If they guess that it’s Jim, it’s game over.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Democracy shopping task

Day One

Housemates woke up this morning to find a large voting hub in the middle of the living room, containing a seat each for them.

Today, the housemates must vote on the following:

  • Would housemates prefer to live on bland grey slop or hot, spicy curry? All food will be removed from the house prior to the task starting and the winning vote will be delivered to them every meal time.
  • Who is the most boring housemate? The most boring housemate, as decided by the vote, will have a bucket if paint tipped over them and they must then stand still and watch it dry.
  • Which housemate deserves a reminder from home? The chosen housemate will be given a reminder from home in the Diary room.
  • Would houemates rather give up cigarettes or beauty products? The chosen products will be removed from the house.
  • Who would the housemates like to nominate? As the nomination results have been revealed, the housemates will be given the chance to add one fake nominee to the list. The nominated housemate will not actually be nominated but they’ll be made to think that they are.
  • Who are the most annoying housemates? Two housemates will have a taste of their own medicine as they spend the night in the most annoying room in the world. The room features two uncomfortable beds, a wall of alarm clocks which will go off during the night, a giant hand which runs down a blackboard, chairs which are impossible to sit on due to being too small or wonky, leaky pipes which squirt water, a phone which is plagued by prank calls, a locked lunchbox which is complete with a huge bunch of keys and once they open it, the food will be vacuumed packed. Finally, a giant locked cage full of luxury items including a comfy bed will be in the room. The key is on the opposite wall on a heavy knotted chain which can be undone. Once undone, the housemates will discover that it’s too short anyway and the key won’t unlock the cage.

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