Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jim Davidson says “My year of hell has come to an end” as he thanks fans!

by Lynn Rowlands
jim davidson

jim davidson

This week, the very lovely Jim Davidson walked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house a winner, and nobody was more surprised at the result than the man himself…

However, since leaving the house, Jim has revealed that winning the show has been the first step to putting his “year from hell” behind him, and he’s grateful to fans for showing their confidence in him.

Jim had feared that the ‘no smoke without fire’ school of thought could end his career after he was arrested by Operation Yewtree police last year on suspicion of sex offences. He was subsequently cleared when the police dropped the case having found no evidence of any wrongdoing on Jim’s part, but of course, mud sticks…

And for any man whose name is mentioned in the same breath as Jimmy Savile and the resulting police inquiry, an accusation – even a false one – is often enough to convince the public that there’s some guilt there.

jim davidson

But of course, even though Jim was found to be entirely innocent, he knows there will always be people who hold that arrest against him.

He told the Daily Star, “The last year has been a lot of hard work and a lot of heartbreak.

“I was pretty low because I knew I was innocent. That’s all behind me now.”

However, he added, “I’m fully aware that whatever I do I will still be slagged off by people who don’t like me. That goes without saying.

“That year of hell has come to an end and I think the public voted for me, not just because of Celebrity Big Brother, but to say: ‘Come on Jim, we know what a year you’ve had, we’re behind you and we don’t believe a word.’”

jim davidson

Jim went on to reveal that taking part in CBB was one of the toughest challenges he’s ever endured.

He said, “It’s a very similar technique to what they do to prisoners in a battle.

“They take away everything that was them [part of the individual] and strip them of themselves.

“Have you watched Homeland? It’s like that.

“The way that American marine Nicholas Brody was captured, the way the enemy turned him. It’s exactly that, they strip you of everything.

“You’re just left with yourself and your inner thoughts and all these other mad people to argue with.

“I’m the UK Brody. It’s a psychological experiment and it works.”

Were you happy for Jim that he won?

Here’s a reminder of the moment Emma Willis announced the news…

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