Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Katie Hopkins DENIES all rumours that she’s entering the house & compares Sarah Millican to thrush

by Nick Barnes
katie hopkins

katie hopkins

Rent-a-Gob Katie Hopkins has denied all rumours that she will be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house later this week.

The star, who seemingly can’t keep her trap shut, has been linked to the forthcoming series for some time now. But, writing in her Yahoo Column, she said that she won’t be entering the house… or is it all part of the plan?

As we all know by now, the celebrities have to keep it hush hush if they’re entering the house. As the rumour mill has been going into overdrive about Katie Hopkins lately, is this her bid to brush off the rumours ahead of Friday?

In her column, she pointed out that “having worn the ‘Biggest Bitch in Britain’ badge for a while now” she will not be entering the house. Instead, she will be watching the show at home.

But, this being Katie Hopkins, she didn’t just put the record straight in her column, she took the opportunity to have a stab at previous housemates and rumoured celebs for the forthcoming season.

Another name that has been linked to the show is TOWIE’s Sam Faires.

Writing about her, Hopkins said that whenever she sees a picture of her, she’s always described as a “TOWIE Beauty” whereas that’s like “introducing Sarah Millican as ‘The very funny Sarah Millican’ – when she is clearly about as funny as thrush”.

A couple of series’ back, Sally Bercow featured on the show and Hopkins bitched that if she’d have been in the house the same year as her, she’d have taken “a blunt knife from the CBB kitchen’ and shoved it up her nose to “end it all”.

Sam Faiers Scott Timlin

Here’s what she had to say in her column:

“We are only days away from Celebrity Big Brother 2014. On January 3 the latest line-up of celebrities – or z-listers as we are more fondly known – are going to flounce into the house and fight like hell.

“Many people call it career suicide, but every man has his price. Start talking the cost of my children’s school fees for life, and a few weeks living in a goldfish bowl with a bunch of egos starts to feel like a bargain.”

She continued: “If I had been going in the year that the ‘Giant Crotch of a Woman’ [Sally] Bercow went in, I would take a blunt knife from the CBB kitchen and shove it up my nose to end it all.

“Being known for saying stuff other people won’t say is one thing. I am proud to own that title. Being known for marrying a short man with power issues is quite another.

“Sam Faiers’ pics always carry the caption; ‘TOWIE beauty – Sam Faiers’. It’s a bit like introducing Sarah Millican as ‘The very funny Sarah Millican’ – when she is clearly about as funny as thrush.

“Sam looks like a cat with particularly painful conjunctivitis. I may have a nose to rival Red Rum, but at least it is my own.

“Having worn the ‘Biggest Bitch in Britain’ badge a while now, I really don’t care what you think. If I you don’t want to listen to what I have to say you had better find your remote control fast.

“But I am not going into the CBB house on January 3rd. Instead I will be watching it with you. I hope you will join me with the lovely Rylan on his sofa on Jan 7th for a very honest Big Brother’s Little Brother.”

Celebrity Big Brother launches on Friday, January 3 on Channel 5.

Nick Barnes

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