Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Katie Hopkins reckons Linda Nolan “smells of wee” & what else did she say about the Housemates? OH BURN!

by Nick Barnes
katie hopkins

katie hopkins

It’s undeniable that Katie Hopkins is one of the most controversial women in Britain at times and this evening, she takes the Big Brother’s Bit (bitch?) on the side by storm.

As Katie is obviously very opinionated, she is given the opportunity to tell us exactly what she thinks about some of the housemates on tonight’s show. She reckons Linda Nolan “smells of wee” and Lionel Blair was let out of his care home, couldn’t find his way back and wandered into the Big Brother house.

I have to say, I wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of Katie’s evil comments at times, but the housemates have been judged whether they like it or they don’t.

Speaking about Linda, she said: “Boring old woman! probably smells of wee. She is revolting. Her knockers are somewhere near her ankles”.

She added about Lionel: “He’s been let out of a care home and couldn’t find his way back”.

However, one pair we knew Katie would have an opinion on would be Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor. Of course, the pair have already shared their first on-screen kiss together, and they’ve only known each other five minutes.

On Lee, Katie said: “He’s out of shape, not beautiful. I saw pictures of him trying to run, he can’t run, he’s unfit and greasy. Not a man for me. He needs to say what he means, a nasty piece of work”.

Liz Jones

Going on to speak about Casey, she said that she is “pathetic” and needs to move on whilst they’re like “two thick kids at the back of the class”.

It’s safe to say that Katie doesn’t necessarily like many people, but one housemate she’s really rooting for this year is Jim Davidson.

“I love Jim! Utterly brilliant, best of British! I vote for Jim”

Katie continued her tirade as she said Dappy is “revolting” adding that she isn’t one for ‘short, ginger or fat people’. Luisa Zissman would be great for porn and apparently, Katie was given a porn offer after she left The Apprentice. Each to their own, I suppose.

Jasmine is like “Cruella De Vil” whilst Sam is just “bland, magnolia, vanilla”. We expected that last part as Sam seems to be the favourite among a vast majority of viewers, but she hasn’t done anything…

“As for her,” she said about Liz Jones “I’ve never met Liz, she looks like she’s walked into patio doors, a very flat face. Lacking personality”.

Finally, moving onto posh Chelsea boy, Ollie Locke, she flamed: “Nice chap, rather sweet. He hasn’t made his mind up whether he’s gay or straight… we could hell him!” – ohhhh buuuurn!

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm this evening on Channel 5, whilst Bit on the Side follows at 11pm.

Nick Barnes

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