Celebrity Big Brother 2014 launch: N-Dubz frontman Dappy enters the house

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Dappy

This evening saw the live launch of Celebrity Big Brother 2014 and next up to enter the house is N-Dubz frontman, Dappy.

Dappy has been heavily linked to the Celebrity Big Brother house for some time now and even roused suspicion on Twitter last week when he tweeted that he was ready for the world to see the real him.

He tweeted: “All ur gonna see is Nothing but the Realness!!!!! Had enough of certain groups of the media painting me out 2 be some vile monster!! #Watch (sic)”.

He added: “U know me I keep it 3 hundred I just signed a dotted line and got 3 hundred!!!! (sic)”.

Baxk in 2007, N-Dubz won Best Newcomer at the MOBO awards and had a very successful career, but most recently, the rapper has gone solo and has even collaborated with Tinchy Stryer.

In his VT Dappy says that he is a “little bit” of a bad boy, but the media are painting him out to be some sort of monster

“I’m here to repaint that picture,” he said.


“I’m so excited to enter the Big Brother house. I’m not a vain person and my best asset is my… third leg… I wish everybody was as down to earth as I am, I don’t like people talking about others behind their back”.

Speaking to Emma Willis prior to entering the house, Dappy added: “Of course, I’m here to win. I’m just going to be myself”.

He added that he does want to win the show… “If you come in here and say you don’t want to win, you’re lying”.

It has been rumoured that Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos has signed a huge six-figure deal to appear in the house, but will be worth the pennies?

Celebrity Big Brother continued tomorrow evening on Channel 5.

Nick Barnes

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