Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lee Ryan admits ‘I would never pull on national television’ & confirms he’s going in the house?

by Nick Barnes

lee ryan

Lee Ryan is among an ever-growing list of celebrities rumoured to be entering the most famous bungalow in Britain tomorrow evening – the Celebrity Big Brother House.

However, he has said that although he is ready to find himelf a new lady, he has vowed to never pull on national television… where the fun in that, Lee?

Ryan, who has two kids – Rain and Bluebell – said that it would be too traumatizing for his kids if he found himself a new girlfriend on TV.

Speaking to The Sun, the Blue star said: “I’d never snog anyone on live TV – my kids would be watching.

“I find that really distasteful. I couldn’t kiss anyone when I know my kids are sitting in front of the TV, going: ‘Hi, Daddy!’

celebrity big brother house 3

“It’s more than public, isn’t it? It’s not like kissing in Sainsbury’s. It’s kissing in front of millions of people, with a microphone on so you can hear all the slobbering”.

With a microphone on, in front of millions of people, you say? IS that a little admission that Lee Ryan is going to be entering the CBB house tomorrow night? Who knows…

He continued: “But, I am ready to find a girlfriend. I said that on Twitter the other day and suddenly I had 5,000 extra followers, saying ‘I’ll be your girlfriend.’

“I’ve been working out hard. I’ve been on this hard core diet and I want to get really buff.

“I’ve been in this industry for 14 years so I’ve been around the block a few times. I haven’t been a nun. But it would be nice to find someone to settle down with”.

Do you reckon Lee will be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house tomorrow evening?

Celebrity Big Brother kicks off tomorrow evening, Friday January 3 at 9pm on Channel 5.

Nick Barnes

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