Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Nominations! Lee Ryan & Casey Batchelor, Evander Holyfield & Luisa Zissman and Liz Jones & Dappy to face first public vote

by Nick Barnes
Lionel Blair, Ollie Locke, Celebrity Big Brother 2014

Lionel Blair, Ollie Locke, Celebrity Big Brother 2014

It has today been revealed that Lee Ryan & Casey Batchelor, Luisa Zissman & Evander Holyfield and Dappy & Liz Jones will face the first public vote this Wednesday.

Upon entering the Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday evening, the housemates have been handcuffed to each other, which means they’ve had to hit it off straight away and bond, but it’ll all be over for one couple on Wednesday evening.

On Friday evening, as the first couple to enter the house, Linda Nolan and Jim Davidson were given the power to release one couple from celebrity bondage, and they chose to let Dappy and Liz Jones live separate lives. Unfortunately, they had a price to pay in which they were automatically put up for eviction.

Over the last couple of days, the celebrity housemates have been set a series of challenges. The prize for the winning couples would be that they could take their handcuffs off and they would also be immune from the first public vote of the series.

Yesterday, Linda and Jim were freed from their handcuffs as they won the Building Blocks of Celebrity challenge.

Lee Ryan, Casey Batchelor Celebrity Big Brother 2014

In pairs, the celebrities had to take blocks with certain words on them and provide a story to match the block. The couple with the highest tower of blocks would win immunity. As all housemates stacked the same amount of blocks, the housemates all decided that both Jim and Linda were the most deserving celebrities.

Elsewhere today, the remaining cuffed housemates had one final chance to free themselves. In the center of the garden were three giant coloured ropes, each leading into the center. Each rope had been padlocked down at one end and the other end of each rope is attached to the pair.

Luisa Zissman, Evander Holyfield Celebrity Big Brother 2014

The housemates had to pass their key along the rope, untangling knots along the way. The first pair to get to the other end of the rope, take the key off and unlock their handcuffs would win immunity.

Unfortunately, Lee & Casey and Evander and Luisa were the slowest and will therefore face eviction on Friday. Lionel Blair and Ollie Locke were the quickest and therefore won immunity.

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