Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lee Ryan doesn’t want to leave & Dappy apologies for being a blabber-mouth

by Nick Barnes
Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lee Ryan

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Lee Ryan

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother…

We’re 15 days in and tensions are starting to get very high between some of the housemates. We have Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan who are at each other’s necks (maybe it’s a bit of sexual tension) and Linda Nolan and Jim Davidson seem to hate each other.

Howver, Lee obviously doesn’t seem to be over what he has done in the house. First, he tried it on with Casey and then he bed hopped over to Jasmine Waltz’s bed and now she had left, it all seems to be getting a tad too much for him.

Yesterday, Dappy and Lee had a private conversation about Casey and Jasmine and the whole hoo haa between them and Dappy went and blabbed to Liz Jones, which p*ssed Lee off to no end.

However, on tonight’s show, Dappy apologises for opening his mouth to Liz when he shouldn’t have done.

He tells Lee: “I put my hands up and I said sorry to you”.

Lee replies: “Yeah you did, but you still make me look like a dick”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa and Lee

Dappy adds: “But bruv, someone’s lying”.

Lee explains himself: “Since the day those chains come off she was like nah you’re with me and I’ve tried to get f*cking rid of her, and she ain’t stopped to this day.

“Why wouldn’t she just let me be happy? You know, she knows what she’s doing mate, she’s clever. You know, when a man tries to tell her ‘look, I like someone else, back off’ and she ain’t hearing it, what the f*ck do I do? And, she thought ‘yeah alright, I’m gonna f*ck you up’ and that’s what she’s done”.

Elsewhere, Lee seemingly isolates himself from the house on tonight’s episode and he explains to Big Brother that he is generally a happy person, but he’s feeling a little down and lonely.

He explains: “I’m a happy person and today has been like the saddest and [loneliest] day I’ve had in here, and it’s not me and I don’t want to be that person because I feel like in the last 3 or 4 days, it’s been hard for me to be me.

“I am an entertainer and love to entertain people and want people to have fun watching me have fun, and that’s what I want back. I don’t want to leave tomorrow”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues this evening on Channel 5 at 9pm, in which one more housemate will be given the boot.

Nick Barnes

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