Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Who does Lee Ryan have the hots for? And Dappy doesn’t want Liz Jones to leave

by Nick Barnes
lee ryan celebrity big brother

lee ryan celebrity big brother

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother…

There’s always a showmance in the Big Brother House, but it seems like some of the line-up this year already have the hots for each other, and we’re only one night in.

However, it would seem that the guys are going for the same girl… Megan Fox. Erm… I mean, Jasmine Waltz.

Whilst in the bedroom, Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor are speaking to each other, and she has a feeling he wants a piece of Jasmine. He brushes it off, but we reckon Casey is the one getting a little jealous…

Casey says: “Lee has a little thing for Megan”.

Lee replies: “No I don’t. There’s nobody in here called Megan. What are you on about?”

Casey adds: “He does. I’m not naming any names”.

In a bid to brush off the conversation, Lee begins singing ‘What does the Fox Say’.

He tells Casey: “She does look like Megan Fox though, she’s very pretty!”

Casey asks him if he likes Jasmine and he replies with the coyest statement ever: “Did I say I liked her?!”

Casey tells him that he doesn’t need to say anything as he can see it all over his face.

Lee asks her: “Are you jealous?”

Casey retorts: “F*ck off. I don’t go for blondes babe”.

Is someone getting a bit tetchy? Does a certain someone have a bit of the hots for Lee?

Lee did recently say that he wouldn’t get it on with anyone in the house because his kids will be watching at home. Not to mention, if someone locks lips on Celebrity Big Brother, it’s going to be broadcast to the whole of the UK and that’s not something he wants to do. We’ll see if he keeps to his words…

dappy liz jones

Elsewhere, Dappy thinks seems to have bonded with columnist Liz Jones after the pair were handcuffed together for a short while. But, Dappy hasn’t always had the best of relationship with journalists in the past.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, he says: “You know what she’s special. I love Liz, she’s great. Certain journos this past year have painted me out as a monster. I’m far from it and she believes that too. Shout out to my sister Liz. She’s like my big sister, puts me in my place and that. I don’t want her to leave and I don’t want to leave either”.

Big Brother asks: “What do you think of your other housemates?”

He replies: “I love them, I love them all, even the Chelsea geezer, I love them all. With all that long hair, he’s gone all handsome with his extra side parting.”

When asked what he thinks of the ladies in the house, Dappy tells Big Brother: “They are amazing. I’m not desperate. I’m enjoying myself God damn it. Let me just live in here, let me chill for another week at least and you will see. I feel so happy.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues this evening on Channel 5 at 10pm.

Nick Barnes

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