Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Linda Nolan slams CBB editing ‘They made me look like a moaning bitch”

by Nick Barnes
linda nolan

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Linda Nolan

Linda Nolan may have spent 22 days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but she ain’t happy with the editing skills of the Celebrity Big Brother producers.

After watching back some of the episodes since she left the house, Linda reckons that the producers portrayed her as “a moaning bitch” – Well Linda, I believe the saying goes along the lines of: If the cap fits, wear it!

After losing her husband and battling breast cancer, it wasn’t all about showbusiness for Linda any more as she became a foster carer and has since cared for a four-week-old baby boy and a young boy at the age of 2. But, Linda is worried that the editing process on the show may not sit well with the Fostering chiefs.

Linda went on to remind everyone that we only get to see roughly 46 minutes of 24 hours in the Celebrity Big Brother house and she reckons the producers edited the show in such a way because the public wanted Jim to win.

She said: “I hadn’t really thought about that until a friend asked if I was worried.

“Every reality show has to have the stereotypes and I was cast as the baddie because the public wanted Jim to win.

“I’m a huge fan of the show and I know how it works and I how it’s edited. But the audience were seeing 46 minutes out of 24 hours. Jim and I aren’t best friends, we did clash and I was very upset.

“But, he apologied and we had some great times in there too. I knew I’d get booed again at the final – but I hope this won’t cause any problems with my fostering. They already know I’m in showbusiness and this is just a show. I’ve been very upfront and they know me very well now. I went through a long, thorough approval process”.

jim davidson linda nolan

Linda went on to explain that she was “thrilled” to become a foster carer and that she has provided respite care so she’s only had children for a short period of time thus far.

In the house, there was a bit of a hoo-haa over Frank Carson’s dressing room and how Jim Davidson brought Linda’s late husband, Brian, into an argument.

Speaking about Brian, Linda added: “Brian and I always wanted to [have children of our own] but it just didn’t happen. We had a great life together.

“He was a musician who became our tour manager. But, the time was never right to have kids, then it was too late, and Brian got ill, and I did.

“He was the love of my life. God, I’d give it all up if Brian could just be here now”.

But, going on to speak about THAT situation in Frank Carson’s dressing room, Linda said: “It was only £20 but the whole thing nearly killed Brian. We were so worried about him, but we knew the truth.

“You have to leave the past in the past but Jim brought it up, knowing it would hurt me because he knows how much I loved my husband. At first, it unraveled me.

“I got very upset because it took me back to a difficult time and made me realise how much I still miss Brian – that he’s not here to put his arms around me and say, ‘It will be ok!”

Nick Barnes

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