Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Liz Jones forced to air her dirty laundry as she’s punished for talking about nominations

by Nick Barnes
Liz Jones

liz jones

I would ask what the golden rule of Big Brother is, but seeing as Big Brother makes up the rules as he goes along, nobody really knows. But, one rule that must be obeyed at all times (unless Big Brother changes his mind) is that housemates should not, at any time, or in any way shape or form talk about nominations.

It’s one of the rules that most of the housemates struggle with and Liz Jones has become the latest casualty of nominations-gate as she opened her trap to Linda last night in the garden about nominations. As a punishment, Liz must air everyone’s dirty laundry, but not in the conventional way…

This morning, Big Brother gathered the celebrity housemates on the sofas in the living room to remind them that they must not talk about nominations.

They were told: “It is clearly stated in the Big Brother rules that the discussion of nominations is not permitted.

Liz Jones

“Big Brother has reminded all housemates of this rule since you entered the house. Despite this, last night at 11:04pm, Liz said to Linda ‘I’m going to kill you if you don’t nominate me’.  This was a clear breach of the rules regarding of discussing nominations”.

As a result of Liz’s slip-up, she had to be punished and Big Brother told her that she has to hand wash one dirty garment from each of the housemates, which will give her time to reflect on what she’s done wrong.

Now, Liz breaks the rules in day-to-day life anyway as she slags just about every celebrity off. Do you think airing everyone’s dirty laundry in the bathroom is going to bother her? I don’t think so…

Big Brother continued: “Big Brother would like all housemates to give Liz one item of dirty clothing. Liz you must hand wash this clothing immediately and use the time to remind yourself of the rules of the discussion of nominations”.

Just in case Liz was feeling down, Luisa Zissman had a few wise words for her: “At least you didn’t have to go to jail in the freezing cold. That’s worse”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues this evening on Channel 5 at 9:45pm.

Nick Barnes

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