Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Liz Jones says that she was “traumatised” in the house & it was “like being in therapy”

by Nick Barnes
Liz Jones

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Liz Jones

This evening, journalist Liz Jones became the fourth housemate to be kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

It wasn’t much of a shock that she’d been evicted, but over the last few days, Liz has really come into her own. Speaking about her time in the house, Liz said that it has helped her confidence as “it’s like being in therapy for three weeks”.

When asked how it is to be out of the house, she said: “I am so relieved, I have post-traumatic shock. I’m traumatized. They all eat so much. It was so dirty and I felt very much an outsider, but I think they started to warm to me a little bit over the last couple of days”.

Liz was of course saved by the public three times and speaking of which, she told Emma Willis: “I just assumed everyone hates me, so that’s something”.

As Liz is a journalist, it must have been a tad hard for her to be around the housemates. She said that they were a little wary of her to begin with but then they realised that they could have a full conversation and it’d go over her head as she couldn’t hear them.

She said: “There’s a lot more depth to them than you’d think from just seeing them on television. They’re all really nice people. They were wary at first, but then they realised they could have entire conversations that went entirely over my head as I couldn’t hear what they were saying. It’s a combination of a hearing aid and lip-reading but when there’s lots of people, I get confused”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Liz Jones

Liz went on to say that she went into the house with the intention of being more out-going than she usually is as she’s a very “shy and introverted” person in day-to-day life and being in the house did allow her to get over some of her issues. She allowed Lee to hold her hand and she didn’t “mind them touching me”.

“I was straight with them in the house I think. I told Luisa that she was like a toddler,” Liz explained “I was quite kind in [the talent show task]. I didn’t want to upset them too much. I did say that Linda’s clothes were made in China. I told her I had a pair of socks that cost £85 and she asked why I’d spend so much on socks. I said that it’s up to me”.

The task with Luisa earlier this week was absolutely hilarious in which Liz had to act really morbid. She spoke about her dead cat, how her boyfriend may have run away with another woman and asked how she could drown herself in the bath.

Speaking of the task, she said: “I had to keep thinking about poor, dead squeaky. If I did, I wouldn’t start laughing. I almost started laughing”.

Finally, using her journalistic skills, she went on to say that she thinks Lee and Casey “are still attracted to each other” and how could you not be attracted to Casey “as she is so beautiful and sweet”. She added that Jim and Linda will never get on and the housemates were hoping that he would be evicted this evening, rather than her.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow evening on Channel 5.

Nick Barnes

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