Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa Zissman blasts former Apprentice star Jordan Poulton ‘we didn’t have sex in a f*cking cupboard’

by Nick Barnes
luisa zissman

luisa zissman

Last week, we reported that former Apprentice star Jordan Poulton claimed that he and sex-mad Luisa Zissman resorted to having sex in cupboards during their time on The Apprentice.

Apparently, the ‘minders’ in the house were against the Apprentice stars having sex, so he and Luisa had to come up with a secret plan. But, Luisa has since denied those claims – and let’s face it, she’s been far from shy about discussing her sex antics in the past.

Speaking to the Daily Star Online, Luisa blasted: “I have not have had sex with Jordan in a F*cking cupboard. He wishes. I’m going to message him and ask him why he said that.

“The last time I spoke to Jordan, he invited me to a house party and then uninvited me because his girlfriend doesn’t like me – even though I’ve never met her” – he may have told her about these fantasies he’s had of having sex in Narnia!

Luisa continued: “Apparently, he got £10,000, so I would’ve lied about having sex with Jordan if I got £10k. I’m really disappointed that he’s said that, it’s low.

Jordan Poulton 2

“It’s kind of sad riding on someone’s coattails. And Zee sold a story about me. It’s sad”.

In the original interview with The Sun, former Apprentice star Jordan Poulton said: “When I was with Luisa, I spent a lot of time in cupboards – literally. It wasn’t easy to have sex in the Apprentice house as there were minders living there trying to stop us”.

He continued: “Luisa has always got sexual tension with somebody. Our routine was I’d go off somewhere and she’d disappear too, and we’d muck around until someone came to find us. When people try to stop you having sex, the tension ramps up more.

“She [Luisa] made no secret of how sexual she was. Right from the start she told me all about her exes and the sex parties that she’d been to”.

Nick Barnes

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