Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa Zissman & Jasmine Waltz keep the half naked lesbian thing going

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Luisa Zissman and Jasmine Waltz are milking this lesbian thing for all they can it would seem.

The girls shared a kiss earlier in the week and Luisa even put her mouth between Jasmine’s breasts as she motorboated the actress during a saucy bath time session.

Ever since Lee Ryan left the house on Wednesday, as part of Celebrity Big Brother’s fake eviction, the women have been inseparable and last night they stripped off to some barely there gym clothing and took part in a sweaty workout together.

Jasmine, 31, left little to the imagination in her tiny crop top and matching black leggings, while Luisa opted for a loose white vest top.

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The girls discussed having an orgy together when they leave the cChannel 5 show and when fellow housemate Ollie Locke moaned about not having a girlfriend, Waltz said:

‘When we get out let’s all hang out and take our pants off.’

Luisa added:

‘I love an orgy.’

The admission came only days after Zissman suggested embarking on a lesbian affair in a bid to win votes during the course of the series.

As the ladies discussed whether or not Lee Ryan was using Casey Batchelor to gain some exposure and attention, Luisa said:

jasmine waltz

‘Of course they weren’t having sex! I doubt they even fancy each other. I think Lee has realised it’s one of the only ways to stay. If we had some lesbian thing we’d win’

THE Apprentice star Karren Brady has admitted that Lord Alan Sugar would have a stroke if he got wind of Zissman’s antics in the BB house.

However the business expert also defended the brunette beauty during a chat with
Jonathan Ross and said:

“She’s a pretty smart lady. She’s mapped out what she wants to do with her life and that’s part of it.”

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