Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa Zissman reckons Jim Davidson “hates women” & Lionel Blair calls Luisa a “selfish bitch”

by Nick Barnes
Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Lionel Blair, Luisa Zissman argument

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Lionel Blair, Luisa Zissman argument

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother…

Love her or hate her, Luisa Zissman is a brilliant housemate and tonight, she has a MASSIVE bust-up with Lionel Blair and she reckons Jim Davidson hates women.

As we saw on last night’s highlight’s show, Lionel and Luisa were sent to the Most Annoying Room as part of the Democracy task, and there was one or two rules broken, which results in a huge argument on tonight’s show.

On last night’s show, Luisa scaled the cage in the Most Annoying Room and stole champagne and a box of chocolates.

Lionel dug into the chocolates and Luisa opened up the bottle of champagne, but on tonight’s show, Lionel explodes at Luisa and calls her a “selfish bitch”.

Big Brother announces to the housemates that they will have no hot water, electrical products or beauty products until further notice as Luisa stole the chocolates and champagne & Jasmine had been caught putting mascara on.

Lionel and Luisa end up arguing about what happened in the task room and Lionel tells Luisa that she is “stupid” and “selfish” for what she did. But Luisa tries to get her point across that although she may have stolen the chocolates and champagne, Lionel happily sat and ate the chocolates. She also added that he told her to get the box of chocolates.

Lionel tells Luisa: “You are being a loud mouth and bossy and think you can do what you like and you can’t”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Lionel Blair, Luisa Zissman argument

Luisa replies: “You told me to get the chocolates”.

Lionel adds: “Am I your boss? You are just a selfish bitch”.

Even though Lionel didn’t steal the chocolates, he still ate them and he asked her to get them from the cage, so he’s as much to blame for the rule break, right?

Elsewhere, Jim Davidson tells Luisa: “There’s a difference between saying I apologise and then feeling sorry for what you’ve done”.

Luisa replies: “What do you want me to do, bite down and cry, Jim?”

Jim adds: “No I don’t want you to do that”.

Luisa retorts: “Well don’t say that I don’t feel sorry when I’m apologising because you don’t know what the f*ck I’m feeling”.

Jim replies: “Do we have to form a queue to have a f*cking argument with you or do you just willingly pick people?”

However, back in the Diary Room, Luisa reckons she has Jim sussed out.

She tells Big Brother: “To encounter someone like me, I’m so self assured, I’m opinionated. I’m like a massive believer in myself and what I can achieve and I’m not gonna take shit especially [from] Jim. He hates women, I just can’t stand him, why would I want to reconcile with someone that’s such a chauvinistic sexist pig? Like really, who wants to be friends with someone like that? I f*cking don’t”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues this evening at 9pm on Channel 5.

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