Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Luisa Zissman tells Evander Holyfield to take his trousers off & Liz Jones misses Dappy

by Nick Barnes

luisa zissman

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother…

As part of last night’s bombshell, the housemates didn’t enter the house one by one, instead they entered the house two by two, whilst being handcuffed together.

Big Brother made the housemates aware that they will be living their lives chained together for the foreseeable future. Luisa Zissman and Evander Holyfield just can’t get to grips with it all though…

Sitting on the sofas in the living area last night, Luisa questioned whether Evander liked her or not as he hadn’t spoken much.

She asks: “Do you just not say much or do you not like me?”

Evander replies: “This [being handcuffed] is a difficult thing. You can’t be yourself. You have to think before anything you do, you have to make sure nobody falls. I can’t even get my jacket off”.

Luisa tells him: “You could undo your shirt?”

Evander adds: “I can’t even get my pyjamas on”.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Evander Holyfield

With a rather serious look on her face, Luisa tells him: @Do you like pyjamas Evander? I guess you’ll just have to take your trousers off, unbutton your shirt…” – all on the first night as well!!

Elsewhere, in the Diary Room, Liz Jones is pining for Dappy as she’s actually found someone she likes… possibly for the first time in her life – well, maybe!

Of course, both Liz and Dappy were handcuffed together when they entered the house but both Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan chose Dappy and Liz to be unchained from each other.

In the Diary Room, Liz tells Big Brother: “I feel a bit bereft from Dappy. He is so sweet and he was like forced to be my friend. I was a bit upset that he was separated from me because I was really bonding with him. He’s like a little meerkat and I love meerkats. I want to go to Meerkat World. He’s just so sweet and affectionate and he’s just like my new friend. I quite miss him really. I’m fond of him. I don’t think people will vote Dappy out because he is so sweet. I think I’ve hooked myself up with someone quite popular.”

But, with the last sentence about him being popular, is Liz playing a game rather than being a genuine friend?

Celebrity Big Brother airs this evening at 10pm on Channel 5.

Nick Barnes

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