Celebrity Big Brother 2014: new eye logo unveiled & AJ Odudu QUITS ‘Bit on the Side’ (PICTURES)

by Nick Barnes

Celebrity Big Brother 2014

This evening, Channel 5 has unveiled the brand new Celebrity Big Brother 2014 eye and there’s no more living in basic this year as the eye is quite possibly the glammest eye we’ve ever seen.

Channel 5 has got rid of the doors this year and has featured one hell of a lot of gold on the eye along with a purple pattern giving the eye quite a regal look.

The eye always gives us an idea of what the house may look like and this year, it looks like it’s going to be a very luxurious house. Did Big Brother get bored of making the housemates and celebrity housemates live a life of self-sufficiency?

This year, at the center of the eye is a camera to make the housemates aware that they’re always being watched. The TV bank had the same idea last year, but we think the camera does a better job and is a lot more appealing to the eye. (Click the picture above to see the full resolution)

Meanwhile, the edges of the center of the eye and the perimeter are made up of (solid, we’d imagine) gold whilst the left and right of the center of the eye features a deep purple pattern with emblazoned ‘BB’ logos. It looks good enough for royalty…

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Rylan Clark Emma Willis

Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that Bit on the Side co-host AJ Odudu has QUIT the show. Say whaaaat!

Rumours began circulating earlier this afternoon with online outlet BBSpy seemingly confirming that the presenter would be leaving the show. However, since then a handful of official presenter shots have been unveiled without AJ in the mix which also confirms that AJ isn’t returning.

It is said that Odudu ‘mutually agreed’ to leave her co-presenter role with Rylan Clark now co-presenting with Iain Lee.

Lee featured on the ‘Bit on the Psyche’ sister show on a Saturday evening last year. Along with co-hosting the spin-off show with Clark and Emma Willis, Lee will also co-host ‘Bit on the Psyche’ on a Saturday evening with none other than Carol McGiffin.

At the moment, it is not yet known which days Emma and Rylan will host, however we’re presuming the arrangements will stay the same as last year.

AJ and Rylan Clark joined the team last summer as a replacement for Jamie Easy and Alice Levine.

It’ll be sad to see AJ go as she was a great member of the team. Despite viewers not taking to her Lancashire accent at the beginning of the summer series, she settled in well throughout the run.

Unfortunately, we’ve not received an official statement from Channel 5 or AJ Odudu as of yet. However, we’ll bring it to you as and when we do.

Celebrity Big Brother returns in January on Channel 5. A launch date is yet to be announced.

Nick Barnes

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