Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Ollie Locke gives his OPINION on Luisa Zissman ‘I don’t trust her’ & Luisa doesn’t hate Jim Davidson

by Nick Barnes
Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Selfies Task

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Selfies Task

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother…

During the round of face-to-face nominations on Wednesday evening, there was a bit of a blow up in the house when Linda said that Ollie needed to grow some balls and start having an opinion.

Later in the night, he addressed the nomindations he’d received to the whole house which prompted Luisa and Linda to laugh at him for his public display. However, on tonight’s show, Ollie finally has an OPINION on Luisa as he says he doesn’t trust her one bit.

He tells Big Brother in the Diary Room: “Everyone’s been lovely to me. Luisa can be cold, I don’t trust Luisa. She can’t help herself. She loves to be centre of attention and causing arguments”.

Elsewhere, Luisa reveals that she doesn’t hate Jim, but it certainly seemed like she did.

jim davidson

As we saw on last night’s show, Linda Nolan became the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house and now that she’s gone, Luisa seemingly wants to latch onto Jim… is Luisa playing a game?

Over the past couple of weeks, I’d have put my money on the fact that Luisa hated Jim and Jim hated Luisa as they’ve had their fair share of arguments in the house but now Linda has gone, she wants to make a mends with him.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Luisa says: “She [Linda] was a mother figure in the house. Our common ground was Jim. I’ve given up hating Jim, I can’t be arsed, possibly having Linda not here could benefit for me and Jim making a mends. We’ll see…”

Sooo… what do you reckon to that then? Do you think Luisa knows Jim is popular on the outside world and wants to latch on to him or does she really just want to make a mends with him?

Nick Barnes

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