Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Which rumoured housemate did Dappy once punch in the face?

by Nick Barnes
lee ryan


The first series of Celebrity Big Brother 2014 kicks off tomorrow evening on Channel 5 and plenty of familiar faces have been rumoured to be entering the compound.

One housemate that has been heavily linked with the show is N-Dubz frontman, Dappy and so has Blue star, Lee Ryan. Turns out, Dappy once whacked Lee in the face – AWKS!

Speaking to The Sun, Lee said: “Dappy’s fiery. He’s young”.

However, it wasn’t quite as vicious as we first thought as the incident happened during a charity football match in which Dappy smacked him in the face, but Lee still wanted to “beat the crap out of him”.

Lee explained: “We were playing a charity football match and I was marking him. Because I’m bigger than him, I was knocking him off the ball a lot and he didn’t like it.

lee ryan

“He just went ‘Wallop!’ and whacked me in the face. Because I’m not small, he didn’t knock me over, but he cut my lip.

“There was a split second when I felt it go through my legs and I was going grab him and beat the crap out of him.

“But I didn’t, I just looked at him and went ‘Dappy, really?’ and he went ‘Ah, Lee, I didn’t realise it was you!’

“I’m like an older brother to him. I’ll always look out for him. I’ve been with him before and had to say ‘Calm Down’.”

We’re glad it’s all hunky dunky between the pair now. Imagine the tension if Lee had beaten the living daylights out of him… although, I reckon Dappy may have reigned victorious in that one?

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 kicks off tomorrow night at 9pm on Channel 5.

Nick Barnes

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