Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Rylan Clark reveals what the house has in store & is he going to become a daddy?

by Nick Barnes
Rylan Clark and Emma Willis Celebrity Big Brother 2014

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Rylan Clark Emma Willis

We’re just mere DAYS away from the launch of Celebrity Big Brother 2014. We have the house pictures, we’re close to getting the confirmed line-up for the next three weeks of our lives and Rylan Clark has spilled the beans on what the housemates may be facing.

The X Factor star turned Bit on the Side presenter has warned us that we shouldn’t be fooled by the appearance of the house…

Although the house has been made to look like a palace this year with chandeliers and given quite a luxurious, regal feel, it doesn’t mean the housemates will be having a three-week holiday!

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Rylan said: “This year the house has been done up like a Russian palace. It looks very luxurious – all chandeliers and fancy fireplaces.

“But don’t be fooled by the appearance, it’s not a sign as to how the contestants are going to be treated”.

Ohhh, we always love a good twist and by the sounds of it, Big Brother has one or two up his sleeve this year. Although the house looks like somewhere royalty would live, we need evil Big Brother to make an appearance.

rylan clark dan neal

Meanwhile, as we all know by now, Rylan is currently dating ex-Big Brother star, Dan Neal. Dan appeared on last summer’s series of Big Brother and it is said that both he and Rylan hit it off straight away… and seriously, they look like a match made in heaven.

So, what’s next for the pair? A holiday, getting a house together? Nope, Rylan wants babies!

Speaking to the publication, Rylan has revealed that he is indeed broody at the moment and that he would like to be a young parent. Dan of course already has a son… would he be up for doing the nappy changes all over again?

“I’m broody,” he groveled

Rylan is currently looking for a new place to live, and whilst house hunting, he said he’s thinking if certain rooms look good as a nursery or whether he should be having glass doors or not…

He added: “I’m thinking, this could be a nice nursery… or should I really be having glass doors put on because of babies? I’d like to be a young parent.”

Well, we reckon Rylan would be a brilliant parent.

Nick Barnes

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