Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Sam Faiers causes a storm in the house & Ollie Locke has an “inappropriate crush” on her

by Nick Barnes


On this evening’s Celebrity Big Brother…

On this evening’s show, TOWIE’s Sam Faiers is set a secret mission in which she has to create some ‘constructed scenes’ in the house… a bit like The Only Way is Essex.

Big Brother tells her that as part of her task, she has to lose her temper in the house and cause world war 3, which is exactly what she does.

Sam chooses to target Jasmine Waltz and Luisa Zissman and causes a massive argument between the pair and Casey Batchelor.

Sam approaches the pair and says: “I’ve heard things through people, that you’ve been saying horrible things about me”.

Jasmine replies: “That’s completely out of order! Not a word!”

Luisa asks: “What did Casey tell you we said?”


Before returning back to the diary room, Sam says that she is not mentioning names. Jasmine adds that Casey doesn’t like them so it must be her.

Casey says: “I haven’t said anything; I’ve never said you’ve been whispering about her. I don’t appreciate that”.

Jamsine adds: “Well, I don’t know where that would have come from then…”

Sam returns from the Diary Room and tells them it’s all a joke.

Jasmine shouts: “I’m sorry Casey!”

Meanwhile, Ollie is in the Diary Room in which he confesses his crush on Sam once more. Could we be getting that fling the producers wanted all along?

Ollie tells Big Brother: “I had to say I knew it was a task. I looked like a complete kn*b! It was nice to hear her say that. I have a slightly inappropriate crush, it’s annoying. What am I thinking? It’s ridiculous”.

Celebrity Big Brother continues this evening at 9pm on Channel 5.

Take a look at some pictures of Sam’s task, below:

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