Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Sam Faiers has lost almost TWO STONE due to mystery illness; Doctors still don’t know the cause!

by Nick Barnes
sam faiers

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Sam Faiers

Throughout the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother, Sam Faiers was removed from the house a couple of times and rushed to the hospital due to a mystery illness.

Unfortunately, nobody knew what Sam was suffering from and it doesn’t look like doctors are any closer to knowing either. The illness apparently knocked Sam Faiers back whilst in the CBB house in January and she’s dramatically lost weight over the past month.

According to OK! magazine, Sam Faiers has lost almost a whopping two stone since coming down with the illness whilst in the house, which was thought to be some sort of flu that was being passed back and forth between the celebrity housemates at the time.

But, since leaving the house in January, Sam has undergone several different tests and although she’s feeling a bit better now, the doctor’s still haven’t diagnosed the problem – which is quite worrying.

Sam told the publication that she’s been ill for six weeks now and although she is feeling a bit better she’s not 100% and she is still having tests done.

Sam was spotted out in Essex last week and it’s evident from the pictures that she’s lost quite a bit of weight in such a short space of time. Explaining to OK! Sam said that she was a “good size eight” before she went in the house at the beginning of January, but over the course of the two weeks, she lost a stone and a half as she couldn’t keep her food down. But she’s continued to lose the weight since leaving the house as well.

Despite trying to put the weight back on, Sam doesn’t seem to be having any luck.

Sam Faiers

A friend close to Sam went on to tell Now Magazine that everyone has been, and still is worried about Sam’s health as she’s only stomaching small amounts of food like half a sandwich or one boiled egg.

“She’s lost so much weight since she’s been ill and has had no appetite. Sam’s eating just a boiled egg or half a sandwich – she can’t stomach anything. She’s really worried,” Sam’s friend said.

Sam was hoping that test results, which were due back this week, would shed some light on her mystery ailment, but doctors have ordered more tests instead.

Slowly Sam is starting to get her appetite back, but she still can’t eat all that much, the source added.

We do hope Sam is feeling a bit better soon and that the doctor’s can get to the bottom of what’s going on!


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