Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Sam Faiers reckons Jim Davidson is “tactile” & Jim has been ‘chafing the chipolata’! erm…

by Nick Barnes
Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jim relaxes in the living roomIMAGE PROVIDED BY CHANNEL 5

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Jim relaxes in the living roomIMAGE PROVIDED BY CHANNEL 5

On tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother…

It has been a weird couple of days in the Celebrity Big Brother house, especially after it was revealed that Sam Faiers will face the public vote this week after receiving two nominations.

But, it seems like Sam has really taken the nomination process to heart as she reckons Jim is being “very clever” and “tactile” with the way he’s playing the game.

Speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, she says: “I think Jim wants to win this and he’s being very clever and very tactile and he’s playing the biggest game I think out of everybody for sure”.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jim is talking to Dappy and Ollie about “bashing the tent pegs” and whether anyone has done it since they arrived in the house.

Ollie was quick to tell Jim that he hasn’t done anything like that. But, he did throw Lee and Dappy under the bus saying that they’d already had their… release!

Jim says: “Think I’ve grown another bullock. Remind me to wash my hands before I do the lentils”.

jim davidson

Dappy replies: “I swear you strangled one today?”

Jim add: “No, no, no I didn’t mean strangling the front, I was strangling something out of the back, I was checking the exhaust.

“I weren’t slamming the salami, I was chafing the chipolata. I can’t think of anyone to think of, there’s no one here that floats my boat apart from an egg and bacon sandwich but I suppose I can take that in the shower and whack one off. Just my luck, probably a HP sauce will come out of the end”.

Turns out the lads aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure either as Casey tells Sam on tonight’s show that she “woke up really horny” and she just had to get it off her mind and think about something else. I’m sure Lee is always around to help out…

So ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve not had you dinner yet, you may want to leave it a while.

Celebrity Big Brother continues this evening at 9pm on Channel 5.

Nick Barnes

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  1. Wendy on January 21, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    .. lol Sam – tactical even! :oD

    I don’t understand why she thinks it’s ok for her to vote for others but not for people to vote for her !

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