Celebrity Big Brother 2014: White Dee passes her royal identity task & wins a party for the housemates!

by Nick Barnes
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Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

For the past 24 hours, White Dee has had to pretend that she is part of the Royal Family, and is the Duchess of Solihull, but now, the game is over.

Big Brother asked the housemates to gather on the sofas this evening, as there was an announcement to be made…

Everyone aside from Frenchy, Gary, and Leslie was in on the little secret, and had to pretend that Dee was indeed a member of the Royal Family.

She did a good job of keeping it up last night, but the real challenge came today, when Dee had to keep up the façade for the whole day.

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Big Brother revealed to Dee, and the rest of the housemates yesterday that if Dee could keep up the act for 24 hours, and successfully convince Frenchy, Gary, and Leslie that she was a member of the Royal Family, then the housemates would have a huge treat and live like royalty. However, if Dee was to fail the task and get royally rumbled along the way, then the whole house would live like paupers.

The final result came down to today’s final task, in which Dee had to make one of the three American housemates the Viscount of Solihull, and they had to really believe that they had been given the honorary title.

Speaking to the Housemates this evening, Big Brother asked the imposter who had been lying about their true identity to please stand up. Kellie hilariously stood up as a joke, but then Dee stood up and revealed all.

White Dee Celebrity Big Brother

Big Brother explained that Dee isn’t really a member of the Royal Family, and the three American’s looked pretty shocked. But then again, between Frenchy and Gary, they probably didn’t have a clue anyway. Leslie is quite possibly the only intelligent one between them, and he was duped anyway.

As a result, this evening, the housemates will be thrown a party!

Do you think Dee did a good job with the whole task, or do you think it was a bit touch and go at moments? Let us know in the comments, below…

Nick Barnes

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  1. granny di on August 20, 2014 at 12:39 am

    She did a good job to my surprise.I didn’t want to like her but so far she seems ok. It’s early days but they all seem to be fine so far.

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