Celebrity Big Brother 2014 WINNER: Jim Davidson admits ‘I have such a grumpy face’ & he isn’t taking any s*it anymore!

by Nick Barnes
jim davidson

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Jim Davidson

He’s only gone and done it!! Jim Davidson has been crowned YOUR winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

Jim may have entered the house handcuffed to Linda Nolan with the pair being as nice as pie, but the waters soon changed after that and I’m very surprised there wasn’t any bloodshed.

But, looking past all the controversy during his time in the house and his arguments with Linda and Luisa Zissman, Jim is a really down to earth guy. He’s hilarious, whitty, but good lord he’s a grumpy b*stard! But put all that together and you can see why Jim has been crowned as the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

After exiting the house, he was met with a roaring cheer from the crowd!

In his exit interview with Emma Willis this evening, Jim said: “It’s overwhelming. All the people cheering, soaking wet. It’s overwhelming, it really is. It’s great after I’ve been nominated more times than Gone with the Wind.

“I got saved by these people and the people at home… Well, it didn’t make me feel more confident, I was being me. I wasn’t playing a game, if I was going to have an argument with someone, I was going to have one. I thought I was just going to stand my ground”.

“I should have gone in last year but I was unavoidably detained, I thought I would keep up my contract and said I didn’t want to do it. People get at you and I thought ‘What the hell, what have I to lose?'” he said of why he chose to do the show after all.

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Jim Davidson

“There’s a little bit of different. I decided I didn’t like the accusations made against me. I’m slightly damaged by that and I thought I wasn’t taking s*it from anyone anyone. Truth will conquer all,” he added.

Speaking about the explosive nature of house, Jim explained: “It takes two hands to clap, it takes two people to argue. We’re in a situation where we’re forced to be together, forced to get on. Linda is a strong woman, she is an artist. I admire Linda, she has had a hard time but we did clash a little bit”.

Going on to talk about being a little Grumpy, he said: “I’ve got such a grumpy face, have you noticed?”.

“If there’s an argument, you take yourself away and it stops. No matter if you’re right or wrong, you walk away for the sake of the house,” he added.

Speaking about Luisa, Jim went on to say: “It all came right when a situation happened in the house and we decided that there were no more arguments. I’m still scared to death of her. There’s no rules where she’s concerned”.

Nick Barnes

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