Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Channel 5 shuffles first broadcast of tomorrow night’s episode to 5STAR!

by Nick Barnes
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Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5, but for the first time tomorrow night, there will be a big of a reshuffle with the schedules.

As you may know, Channel 5 is showing the football on a Saturday night, which means that Big Brother has been pushed back to the later time for 10:30 on Saturday’s. However, to get around fans complaining that it’s too late to sit down to watch the show, Channel 5 has made a big change to the schedules.

At the end of tonight’s live eviction, Emma Willis announced that fans will be able to watch the first broadcast of tomorrow night’s episode at 9pm on 5STAR. For those of you who want to watch the show in all its HD goodness, you can watch the exact same episode on Channel 5 from 10:30pm.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house - living room

Courtesy of Channel 5

It’s an interesting move for Channel 5. The execs could have chosen to just show the episode at 10:30pm on Channel 5 following the football, but instead, they’re making it easier for fans to choose to watch it at the slightly earlier time.

From looking at the schedules, it also looks like this trend will continue next Saturday, in which fans will have the opportunity to watch the episode first on 5STAR rather than wait for the Channel 5 broadcast.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house - living room

Courtesy of Channel 5

Do you think it’s a good move by Channel 5 to shuffle the schedules around? Will you watch on 5STAR to just wait for the Channel 5 broadcast? Let us know in the comments, below…

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