Celebrity Big Brother: Nicola McLean MAJORLY disses Danielle Lloyd with Jamie O’Hara kiss?

by Emily H
Nicola McLean

Was Nicola McLean’s Celebrity Big Brother kiss with Jamie her way of totally dissing former friend Danielle Lloyd?

As fans saw earlier this week, Nicola, who’s married and has 2 kids with footballer Tom Williams, had several kisses with O’Hara on the house after she had a few drinks too many, which raised some serious eyebrows with viewers.

But fans are claiming looks like the twosome’s closeness could actually be Nicola’s way of throwing some serious shade at former friend Danielle, who was famously married to Jamie until the two divorced as a result of his cheating.

As pointed out by OK!, McLean and Lloyd used to be pretty good friends before Nicola made her way into the Celebrity Big Brother house earlier this month, but there relationship quickly turned sour after some scathing disses.

Before heading into the Celebrity Big Brother house, Nicola slammed Danielle on Twitter, seriously calling her out for naming her dog Rocky, which is the same name as her son.

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“When @missdlloyd names her chihuahua after your son,” she tweeted, seemingly confirming the two are locked in a pretty nasty feud. “I’m thinking of names for my new addition now.”

Danielle then slammed her frenemy in reply, calling her a Z-list celebrity. Ouch!

“Don’t know about you, but when I think of the name Rocky, I think about the iconic character in one of the most famous films ever, not a z-lister’s son,” she replied amid the twosome’s feud.

McLean then appeared to blast Lloyd as a “d***head” in the Celebrity Big Brother house, before then making the big admission earlier this week she’d shared kiss with James after the housemates had one too many drinks as the two hugged.

Check out what the Loose Women ladies had to say about the twosome’s flirting below;

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