Celebrity Big Brother day 14: Denise Welch says it’s normal for her to get her boobs out!

Day 14 in the Celebrity Big Brother house:

Last night Housemates partied for birthday. Denise is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about her actions, which she admits is the norm for her. She says “what better way to end the evening than a 53 year old woman getting her tits out for the lads” Denise is asked what she thinks her housemates felt about her actions. She explains that everyone was having a good time and Michael is “just grumpy anyway.” She adds “If Michael continues to not talk to me, and be a dick to me, I want him to go”

Romeo and Kirk are talking about the eviction. Kirk reveals that if Georgia leaves he will struggle to nominate. They both agree things might be easier if Michael left.
Michael is on the treadmill, whilst some of the housemates are in garden talking about Michael and Denise’s arguments. Denise tells Romeo “I’m not going to crawl to him Romeo” adding “If I didn’t like him so much I wouldn’t be bothered.” Denise then goes back to the previous evening, saying “oh god, I just flashed my tits in the hot tub” Romeo assures a slightly concerned Denise that all was OK.

Nicola and Gareth are in the bathroom discussing Denise. Gareth is shocked by her previous hot tub behaviour and the fact that she hasn’t apologised to the group. Nicola respects her free and easy attitude adding “She just doesn’t care, there is only so much you can say – she is wild.” Gareth is in agreement.

Michael joins Georgia and the Twins in the bedroom, discussing nominations.
He starts to tell the girls that somebody is attempting to wind him up, but he refuses to snap. He is confident that he public will continue to vote him back in, despite constantly being nominated. Michael says “We are all just wondering if the cheque has cleared.”
Georgia continues her conversation with the twins saying says she needs to straighten her hair. Michael butts in saying that this is what her life is (looking pretty) and Georgia is peeved as to why Michael is starting an unprovoked attack. Michael snaps back with “OK Georgia, why don’t you and Denise just go take a walk in the park.”

Georgia, the Twins and Romeo are discussing Michael’s recent outburst towards Georgia, which she is struggling to work out. “I wasn’t even talking to him” Georgia says, to which Romeo states “He is just picking an argument.”

Michael is in the diary room. He is explaining to Big Brother that he does not like the female-bonding that he feels is taking place in the house and female tendencies to bitch “I’m just gonna have to stay one step ahead of it.”

Housemates are chatting in the living area. Big Brother announces that housemates must select the 4 best actors and send them to the diary room. The Twins, Denise, Michael and Natalie head to the diary room where they are asked by Big Brother if they feel they are the best actors in the house. Michael quickly responds “They’re all acting, believe me.”

The group are asked to prepare for the challenge by entering the task room and changing into white body suits. Michael refuses to put on the suit and goes back into the diary room to explain that to Big Brother that he will not do the task. Upon asking him why, Michael tells Big Brother “because my dignity is not for sale, not to you, or anyone else.”

Michael heads into the living area where he tells the other housemates that he is not taking part. He says “I am not gonna have my 5 sons watching me on YouTube in that f*****g white suit.”

Remaining housemates doing the task are asked by Big Brother about Michael refusing to take part. Denise says it is pathetic and they will be fine without him.

Michael is in the kitchen still justifying his reasons to housemates as to why he wouldn’t take part in the task. Commenting “you will never get another job as long as you live.”

All the other housemates are in the garden. Michael joins them and says to Denise “Denise, you will be an absolute genius in this – you will be wonderful’ to which she replies “Are you being facetious?” Michael says no, but Denise reminds him of the night before and how he had reacted to her offering him a Jack Daniels, and the arguments that ensued. Michael gets irritated by her bringing it up again and says “Denise, just keep it up and I will walk away from you. Sort yourself out” he then leaves. Denise is left stunned again at the reaction, and Romeo mentions that this was an awkward moment.

Housemates commence the ‘Playing for a saying’ game show task, which the blue team win.

The Twins and Georgia are talking about the days events. Michael is in the kitchen area with Natalie having a heart-to-heart conversation. He says “you’re a nurturer, did you parents teach you that?” Natalie explains that it was in part due to losing her mother at the age of 19, she says “it made me realise what I had, I wanted to be like her” The conversation moves onto feeling the presence of close people who have passed away.

Housemates are in the living area ready for the evenings’ eviction. Brian speaks to the housemates and announces that Georgia is the next celebrity to leave the house. All the housemates say their goodbyes to an evidently nervous Georgia. Denise says to her “Your not gonna get booed” Georgia says “F**k, I’m s*****g myself” as she exits the house.

Big Brother turns up the heat in the house by announcing to the housemates that they are soon to take part in a live nomination. Housemates have a chalk board each, on which they are to write down the name of the two housemates they wish to nominate. Housemates are then one by one to stand up and say who they are nominating and why.

Housemates have now written down their nominations and starting with Denise, announce their chosen nominees, and reasons. Michael nominates Denise explaining “I can’t stand another moment in the house with Denise, she is emotionally disturbed” to which Denise retorts “Great, thanks Michael.” Housemates are told at the end that of the nominations that each of them is up for eviction, bar Gareth. The mood of the house is clearly affected by what has just taken place, and Natalie in particular is not happy about Michael’s comment about Denise.

Some of the housemates are in the garden discussing Michael’s comment regarding his reasons for nominating Denise. Michael is in the kitchen and approaches Natalie, saying “you know more than anything else that I’ve tried to walk away from her bullshit”
Natalie makes it clear that she does not want anything do to with the issues between him and Denise, saying “I don’t care anymore” Michael starts to get annoyed with Natalie’s comments and says “you’re diplomatic’ and Natalie agrees saying “I like to be diplomatic” Michael says “You don’t have a solid opinion, because you’re too diplomatic” Natalie and Michael start to argue about this and Michael leaves the kitchen. Natalie says to fellow housemates that she cannot be bothered with him anymore “I don’t do false people in my life.”

Michael is in the bedroom alone, talking to himself, saying “I can’t keep being interesting”

The Twins are discussing the evenings’ events and nominations. Karissa says “Frankie’s scared shitless right now because he knows the public will vote him out, because he is a pervert” Moving on to the topic of Frankie’s birthday party and Denise, Karissa says “If I were a 53 year old going into a reality TV show, I would feel insecure. She’s on Loose Women, that’s a good show, what are you doing here taking your top off and getting into a hot tub?”

Denise and Natalie are in the garden. Natalie is still furious at what Michael said. Denise feels he’s attempting to make her look like a ‘twat’ and that he has made her cry everyday. The camera pulls out to show that Michael is within earshot.

At the garden sofas the Twins are discussing nominations. Of being nominated, Karissa says of their fellow housemates “they have just made their lives a living hell”

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