Celebrity Big Brother: Day 18 highlights!

Since Sov took the mystery key from the house on Friday, Big Brother has been punishing housemates with high temperatures and freezing water.

Most of the Housemates are sleeping in the Bedroom. Vinnie is in the Kitchen talking to Stephen and Stephanie about last night’s interrupted sleep. Stephen said he tried to sleep under a rug in the corner of the Lounge, but was told by Big Brother to go back to the Bedroom.

Stephen is talking about Dane’s nightmare last night. “Dane had a paranormal experience”
Ivana “They are starting to go cuckoo in here”.
Stephen tells the Housemates he did a ‘quick fix’ to dispel any demons last night, despite not having the Bible with him. He says he believes that ‘demonic activity can occur and do these things’ to people.

Dane enters the Lounge and Housemates question him about last night. He explains at first he had a bad dream and couldn’t sleep for hours, then started thinking about a film and different endings. Stephanie asks Stephen what he thinks about the situation. Stephen replies that considering the theme of the Big Brother house, reading the Bible whilst in there would make the devil very angry.
Stephanie asks whether by Big Brother evoking hell could attract… Dane “Bad Sprits.”
Stephen reassures them he’s safe “I’ve 50,000 people praying for me whilst I’m in here.”

The lounge resembles a gym as they all do their exercise. Nicola questions whether Big Brother is turning the heat up then down “Hot then cold” Stephanie tells her “it’s hotter, hotter, hotter.”
Dane is called to the Diary Room where Big Brother tells him I’m “delighted to present you with the key.” Dane is thrilled “it’s a thing of beauty.” and admits he was scared stiff doing the task and tells Big Brother how he dare not scream out. He decided he was going to scream on a silent count of 20 but then he couldn’t, so he ended up counting up to 20 a few times until he finally screamed. Dane is told by Big Brother to hide the key as it is now his. He must not discuss this with the other housemates.

Nicola congratulates Stephanie – she did really well last night with her lack of snoring she hardly kept her awake at all.

Alex complains to Dane due to the heat he feels all bunged up and full of cold. Dane secretes the key in his trouser pocket.

Stephanie comments that Dane and Nicola are ‘lucky to have each other’ as they take care of each other well in the house.

Part 2
Alex is stretching with the help of Stephen.

Big Brother has put the house back to normal and they have found an invitation telling the housemates to be seated at lunchtime for a roast dinner.

The housemates decide to be grateful rather than suspicious and just enjoy it. But Vinnie is suspicious.

Nicola “I love Big Brother. Don’t you think Big Brother is brilliant. Making us suffer, so today we are even happier.”

Stephanie, Stephen and Ivana are in the snug. Stephen thinks one of the best things about being in the house is being with Ivana and Stephanie. Stephen “my joy in here is the two of you. You are just so cute together”.
Ivana comments that people didn’t expect them to get along. Stephanie says the house has changed for the better since Ivana arrived. And is thrilled the conversation in the house seems to have picked up a bit. She really didn’t approve of it before “There was sex in our dormitory.” the others refute the act of sex, actually happened but Stephanie explains even Jonas and Katia sharing a bed was too much “horrid”.
Ivana thinks she’s had an influence on the house too. “people have started to dress up a bit better”. She thinks you should always aim to look your best. “it’s nice to look nice”.
Stephen muses that ‘young people nowadays are lost’.

The Housemates sit down to a roast dinner. Nicola “Thank you Big Brother.” As they all start eating Vinnie muses about ‘what this is all about’ and thinks they are ‘going to pay dearly for it’. Nicola discovers crosses on their plates. Stephen suggests it could represent the teams the Housemates will be in for the next task. Red, blue and green.

Some of the housemates are in the lounge. Jonas farts. But Nicola blames Dane.
Alex is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother he thinks the roast dinner was a nice “olive branch” and says “everyone is jovial” He thinks things are quite “up and down, up and down.” In the house but “it’s interesting” and he’s “still having lots of fun.”

Nicola asks Jonas about his sexuality. “Jonas are you bi-sexual?”
Jonas “Do you think I’m bi-sexual?” “I wish I was – so much easier.” “I’m not but I kinda wish I were.”
Nicola “you can be if you want to.”
Jonas “I’m comfortable.. I can grab a man’s balls and still be straight.”
Nicola “me too.”

The housemates have been given butcher’s outfits and have been split into three teams for the next task.
They enter the task room in the garden where there is a big wire mesh shaped bull and trays of offal.
Big Brother explains they have to put the cow back together by weaving the meat into the wire mesh.
Stephanie “This is good.”
The teams are: Red team: Nicola, Stephanie and Ivana. Blue team: Vinnie, Alex and Jonas. Green team: Sisqo, Dane and Stephen.
Stephanie this is “Well disgusting… I think I might be sick”.
Vinnie “These would be lovely for breakfast these livers”.
They complete the task.
Nicola “I think I’m gonna become a vegetarian, one that doesn’t eat red meat.”.

Big Brother congratulations the housemates for doing “Offaly well”.

Part 3
Stephanie, Sisqo and Ivana are in the snug talking about Sov and the key. Sisqo wonders if Sov would have still taken the key if she’d known they would be punished for it.
Stephanie reckons she would. Stephanie thinks it was a ‘cheeky move’ Sisqo ‘no one will know what the key will hold, all because of Sov’.

Nicola is lying on her bed crying. She sees Dane come in. He goes to comfort her. She has been looking at the photo of her partner and little girl. Nicola “They’re not smiling are they trying to send me a message?” She says of her daughter “She looks really sad”. Dane explains she looks fine and she’s building a snowman. He calls Nicola a “Knob head” and gives her a hug.

Jonas in diary room he is telling Big Brother he didn’t sleep well last night. “Dane’s nightmare freaked me out and I got one then couldn’t sleep.”
Big Brother asks him about his nightmare Jonas explains he doesn’t get them often but when he does it’s the same thing “monsters and zombies invading my house and eating up all my friends.”

Vinnie, Ivana and Stephanie are chatting in the snug and talking about them being part of the “A Team”.
Vinnie thinks Sisqo “has let himself down” with his reaction to being nominated and was “throwing around accusations”
Vinnie “He sat on the fence Ivana”
Ivana “he complains about everything.”
Stephanie thinks Sisqo is “a bundle of joy when he’s on… and hope we get that back…. to him being the jolly one.”

Alex is telling the housemates about when he used to work in a “mental asylum”. And how there was one guy who thought he was Jesus and one who thought he was the devil.

Stephen is in the Diary Room asking Big Brother if he can have a two minute phone call on Sunday as it’s his daughter’s 17th birthday.
Big Brother says no.
Stephen says “Big Brother should be aware of the word wrath.”
Big Brother retorts “Big Brother thinks Stephen should be aware of the word rules.”

On his way of the Diary Room Stephen talks to the devil on the door and says “it’s not long now”.
Stephen: “It won’t be long now. Every knee will bow, every tongue will confess’. Upon returning to the Lounge he tells Housemates that they have no idea what happens in the Diary Room and that he has been ‘having fun threatening Big Brother’.

He then muses about the fact that it would be funny if the people who invented this concept of hell actually went to hell. He laughs. He then compares the situation to Daniel in the Lions den. Housemates point out that the situation was different in the fact that entering the Big Brother house is voluntary.

Part 4
Vinnie reads the rules in the bedroom.

Sisqo is in the lounge explaining he’s not had a cigarette now “for one and a half days”.

Sisqo explains he’s in this to win it. He doesn’t want to show any weakness and wants to be a role model if he’s gonna win. He is going to cut down his cursing and his smoking, farting and will also stop drinking too.

He explains he thinks Dane’s singing voice sounds so clean and that’s not smoking.
Stephanie wants a singing lesson..
Nicola says she thinks Amazing Grace is a good song to learn to do harmonies with.
Soon Stephanie, Sisqo, Dane, Nicola and Alex are all singing Amazing Grace.

The housemates have been given some alcohol as part of the reward for the beef task.

Jonas and Sisqo are drinking glasses of wine.

Alex and Vinnie are in the bedroom talking.

Alex says “I’ve had a lot of stress over the last six months” and thinks “it’ will be interesting to see how the press will have played this one.”

Vinnie suggests when Alex gets out he should go for dinner with Peter.
Alex says “reckon he must resent me.”

Vinnie thinks he should talk about not wanting to replace Peter as a dad. Alex agrees, he would never try and replace him as a dad.

Vinnie says of Peter “he seems a good geezer” and that Alex should “put out the olive branch”.

Alex explains “He’s Saint Pete and She’s the devil” although he admits that “I’ve heard he’s alright with me.” And that “I can totally understand how he must feel”

Vinnie jokes “you should take Stephen with you, let him do the talking”.

Sisqo “I want to win” – “I wanna be the last man standing”

Vinnie is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about Sisqo and his reaction to the nominations. “his reaction was wrong.”
all that “saying the gloves are off.” Vinnie thinks Sisqo is “very bitter”
“I won’t forget it in a hurry” – “uncalled for – very uncalled for”. “He’s my first vote next time round.”

Sisqo is in the lounge – he is explaining to the other housemates “If I stay on I’m going to give him the business.”
“this is not his play house.” he sees the situation he is in as a ‘David and Goliath’ scenario. Vinnie enters the Lounge after returning from the Diary Room and says ‘you are so busted, guys, so busted’. After he walks out of the room to the Bathroom, Jonas comments “What Vinnie has done is fantastic – Vinnie is absolutely fantastic”. Stephen comments that he took the head of house role in a ‘very dominating way’. Vinnie is then seen propping open the Bathroom door. Sisqo says ‘I told you yesterday how I felt’.
The rest of the housemates call out to Vinnie “We love you Dad.”

Nicola talks about Vinnie “he’s genuine”.

Part 5
Vinnie is in the bedroom talking to Stephanie and Dane.
Vinnie wonders ‘how can someone turn on someone that’s doing everything for you’.
Vinnie says he’s “upset of the comments”
Stephanie tells him it’s fine “it’s a young buck against the male stag.”

Sisqo is still talking about Vinnie in the lounge to Stephen.
Stephen acknowledges Vinnie is in top position and has taken on the kitchen as his domain but he doesn’t think “it’s deliberate.”

Sisqo “the game had changed”
Sisqo believes he is in this predicament because he didn’t publicly blast Sov.
He explains he was brought up to have a quiet word with someone not do it in public.

Stephen explains “the game changes – be on your toes and react.”

Vinnie is still talking to Stephanie.
“I hate anything like this Steph” “I’ve had this all my life.”
“Got someone on my back”

“I would give 25 grand to go Friday”

Alex replies “Done!”

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