Celebrity Big Brother: Day 3 highlights

Alex is in the garden skipping. Vinnie and Dane are in the Kitchen talking about when there will be an eviction. Vinnie talks about leaving.

Heidi, Stephanie and Stephen are in the bedroom talking about God.

Some of the housemates are in the bedroom as Sisqo begins singing a love song he tells how he shot the video at Heidi’s house. Stephanie tells Sisqo “You’re gorgeous”.

At the dining table, Stephen is still talking religion with some of the rest of the house.

In the bedroom they are also talking about religion. Sisqo says “I do the best I can to be a good person.” Heidi agrees with him and says she would never preach to others.

Back at the dining table Sov isn’t quite sure how to react to the conversation. She goes into the bedroom where they too are discussing religion “I walk out of one room talking about the bible – I walk into another…. ”

Heidi is in the bedroom talking about her time in prison and how she had to remain sober and clean, as she wanted to keep her wits about her at all time. “I was scared to get high” “I had to be my sharpest ever in prison”. She compares being in prison to her life now “I didn’t get paid to go in prison!”
Jonas then divulges how when he was a teenager he thought he had a problem with a masturbation addiction – 25 times in one day! “I had a huge masturbation problem when I was younger.”
Katia jokingly suggests they could “help him break his record while he is in the house!”

Part 2

Sov is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother she feels Stephanie is basically ignoring her. She thinks it’s because they are “world’s apart”. As “She’s quite well spoken, and quite lady. Then there’s me baseball cap – glasses, obviously look quite young.” “We haven’t really spoken at all.”

In the lounge Alex is talking to Vinnie about the stresses of being in the public eye. Alex tells “I’ve had to grow up a lot. It’s been a very steep learning curve” He says Vinnie has had a lot of scandal in his career, Vinnie concedes its part of being successful.

Stephanie joins the conversation saying she has done well to avoid any scandal, and laughs that’s why she is struggling to write her autobiography. “I’ve managed to get away with quite a lot…. I’ve been very fortunate.” “I’ve slipped through the net quite neatly”.

The housemates are moaning about laundry. Stephen can’t believe there is no washing machine. Stephanie and Stephen go to the diary room to speak to Big Brother.
Stephanie and Stephen seem happy with the outcome of the chat with Big Brother.
In the diary room Stephanie says “Sisqo is from another planet and I want to visit it! I love it. I think he’s divine” She jokily tells them how “everything is really dope and sick”. Stephen thinks she’s learning the vernacular fast.

Part 3
Stephen, Katia, Vinnie and Stephanie are in the lounge. Sov enters.
They discuss the origins of Sov’s name as Stephen thinks it’s Awesome “Lady Sovereign”
she explains she’s really called “Louis. She continues “I used to be a bit of a chav”. Vinnie retorts – “used to be – crikey”

Most of the housemates are in the bedroom talking about Tourette’s Syndrome. Jonas explains he has the condition. “Tourette’s sometimes feels like it’s doing everything to embarrass you.”

“It’s like someone is in there trying to take the p*ss out of you.”

He tells them about embarrassing things that happened when he was younger at school. He wishes he had had a hero to look up to. He wants to be that for others now, as he needed guidance when he was 14/15.

5.20 pm.
The housemates are in the lounge and Stephanie is reading the bible to them. It is the story of Gideon.
The word Sovereign comes up in the passage and Stephen calls over Sov – he wants to explain the coincidence.
In the bedroom Heidi jokes to Sov “you’ll be singing Jesus by the time he’s finished with you.”

The task begins. It’s Vinnie’s birthday and a phone box has been placed in the garden.
The phone rings, it’s for Vinnie. It is Big Brother. The phone box is now locked with Vinnie stuck inside until the rest of the House Mates find the correct sequence of numbers for him to dial in.

Stephen is first up to find his number which involves a room full of loaded mousetraps!

Part Four
Stephanie and Sisqo are wearing rubber gloves in a task room and are rummaging in the carcasses of chickens to find two hidden numbers. They are both in cheerful spirits.

Alex is called to the diary room for his section of the task. He is given a mask and shown where to go. He is greeted by a room full of gunge filled balloons. The numbers are hidden within.

Housemates complete the task.

Most of the housemates are in the bedroom discussing farting.
Jonas thinks he’s found a “soulmate” in Katia, as she is so good at farting.

Stephanie and Vinnie are in the snug. Stephanie is amused by Jonas.. there is a definite ‘lowering of the tone’ when he is around.

Vinnie is called to the Diary Room whilst the rest of them secretly make preparations for a surprise birthday party.
Vinnie is given fish and chips and a football cake in the Diary Room, he thanks Big Brother and when he leaves the other housemates sing Happy Birthday. Big Brother plays Vinnie’s single into the house,
Sisqo and Dane dance to the music in a funny way…

Part Five
12.37 am
In the garden, in the snow.. Jonas and Katia slow dance and flirt to the tune of Puppy Love which Sov and Sisqo sing to them.

Later inside, Jonas and Katia are lying on the sofa, he whispers to her that she is awesome.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!