Celebrity Big Brother – Day 4 highlights

Day 4

Alex and Stephanie are in the lounge doing stretches on the floor lifting their knees to near their heads with bums in the air. Alex “This is great for relieving headaches.”
Stephanie…”we need it”

Vinnie talks to Big Brother who asks how he has been keeping busy. Vinnie “just tidying up being busy, washing up, keeping the kitchen nice and clean and looking at that wall”
Vinnie is talks about birds, the feathered variety, and a little robin he’s keen to get into the garden. Big Brother.. “Vinnie are you a twitcher?” Vinnie “No, I am a scratcher”.

In the Garden Sov is starting to build a snowman. “Argh it burns, it burns, argh it burns”

Inside keeping warm Jonas rubs feet with Katia on the sofa.. Jonas then touches toes with Katia and says “wanna feel my feet?”

In the bedroom Stephen can’t believe all the rules and regulations about the laundry, half joking he says “it’s really inconvenient, to try and get everything done that one might need to get one in the normal average day with all of these rules about what you can do, what you can’t do and when you can do it…”

1.32pm Jonas is seen in the garden rolling up more snow to add to the snowman when the tree in the garden begins to whisper to Jonas who is building the snowman, saying
“Psst… Jonas.. it’s me the tree.. sshh don’t let anyone know I’m talking to you.. come over to see me slowly. Don’t arouse suspicion. Jonas you must tell anyone about this conversation. Do you understand?”
The tree whispers how he can win Stephanie some Egyptian cotton sheets. All he has to do is sprinkle some sand provided in the tree trunk on another housemates bed. Jonas says he won’t do the task at first saying ‘I cant do it without being seen’ but with some encouragement from the tree who says ‘you can do it Jonas’ Jonas takes the bottle of sand from the tree and walks away.

2.27pm In the bedroom Sisqo is singing to Heidi, Stephanie and Dane

Alex is in the lounge exercising with Nicola. Stephen walks past and announces he will teach Alex something he ‘learnt from Mike Tyson’
He says to Alex “I’m going to teach you what Mike Tyson taught me…. Ready do the same thing and drop when you do it.”
In the Bedroom Dane Heidi and Vinnie are watching Stephen teaching Alex, Dane says ‘Stephen is teaching Alex how to box’ to which Vinnie exclaims ‘but Alex is a professional fighter’ … “He’d sell snow to the Eskimos”.

Stephen is in the Diary Room he tells Big Brother who he has bonded with the most in the house he says he finds Dane is the least interesting ‘He chops a mean cucumber and grills a good salmon but after all that, what good is he?’

Back in the lounge Jonas gathers the housemates. He announces he had a secret task from the tree in the garden and he refused to do it, he explains that he had to put salt (he actually means sand) in a bed in exchange for Egyptian cotton sheets for Stephanie, but now has to suffer the wrath of the tree.

Alex “The games have begun I like it!”

Following the revelation about secret tasks Sisqo tells Big Brother how he feels ‘frazzled’ as he didn’t think people would be turning on each other like this in the house, he mentions that he doesn’t know who to trust saying ‘I saw the Devil on the way in but took it lightly, this is a test of endurance’

Back in the Lounge Alex is saying how he didn’t crave fame but it found him, he says he doesn’t want it as it has caused him a lot of trouble. “Fame it’s not something I crave, because I’ve realised it’s the double edged sword that it is.. ”

Heidi agrees to an extent but says she is lucky even with the bad times because of the experiences. She goes on to mention prison as an experience.
She’s asked how prison was and replies “Lesbian Hell, I’d look around and I’d be like, I thought this was a women’s prison.

Stephen is in the lounge reading passages from the bible, from Genesis in order to explain the creation of man and Adam and Eve to the other housemates.
Stephanie asks “Are you a creationist?” Stephen.. “I’m somebody that believes in the word faith.
Stephanie “are you a creationist? Do you believe in evolution?” Stephen “No, I don’t believe in evolution”.

Jonas tells them ‘I’m a science man there are so many religions, how can there be one right thing to believe’.

Jonas is on the bed resting and Katia walks over to him to ask him if he is ok.
In the Lounge Sov, Stephanie and Stephen discuss the possibility that Jonas and Katia are flirting with each other. Sov “she asked me she goes, um are we flirting?”

Back in the bedroom Katia opens up by explaining that she is in the house because she went out with someone famous.
Jonas “I don’t know anyone.. I don’t follow music I don’t know their professions.
I don’t watch tv, I don’t listen to radio and I don’t read newspapers.
Katia “I just went out with someone famous and then we broke up and it was really dramatic”…”Everyone wanted to know about it and it was in the papers all the time.”

Jonas is called to the Diary room where Big brother explains for breaking his task to the tree of temptation he must nominate one other housemate to share the punishment with him. “Sov I am very, very sorry but you and me we have to go to the big task room and await further instructions”

In the task room they discover nothing but a bed with hessian sheets in the middle of the room with two sandwiches and an apple on each side. Sov, “you should have called Katia in here you could have had your way.”
As the door locks behind them Jonas’s song from Basshunter ‘All I ever wanted’ is played into the task room to which Sov remarks ‘oh my god we are going to be in here for hours and that songs on repeat’

Jonas and Sov again listening to ‘all I ever wanted’ to which Sov says ‘Why did you make this song’

In the Diary Room Nicola talks to Big Brother about the shock of Jonas taking Sov into the task room for the punishment. She assumed he would take Kat with whom he is developing a connection saying ‘I sensed chemistry and romance’ although admits that perhaps she is just ‘trying to be a bit of a Cilla’.

Lisa McGarry

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