Celebrity Big Brother: Day 9 update – Jedward pee in shower and Bobby Sabel teaches them how to shave!

Tonight, 26TH August, 9.15pm on Channel 5

Pamela’s highlights and lowlights!
Sally leaves the Big Brother house!
Amy’s impresses housemates with her literary skills!

Day 9


One Jedward is in the shower and shouts: “Who’s peeing in the shower, John is peeing in the shower”. Bobby teaches Jedward how to shave for the first time. Kerry is in the bedroom in bed talking to Lucien about tonight’s eviction, “I don’t wanna go” she confides, “You’re not going” he replies.


Kerry tells Lucien and Bobby that she feels “sad”. Kerry tells Bobby that Lucien told her she reminded him of “me nana”. “I thought you were a ladies man” Bobby tells Lucien. Lucien replies “I’m Mr. Klutz”. Amy, Jedward and Sally talk about outfits. Amy tells Jedward that she “can only wear them once” due to paparazzi, and that all her clothes are “sent” to her adding: “It feel likes its Christmas every week”.


Sally and Paddy are in the garden. She tells him that one of the things she is most grateful for during her time in the house is meeting him. Paddy says he feels the same adding: “I’d love for you to meet my wife and daughter”. Sally says that she will and accepts Paddy’s offer to spend the night at his home. She confesses that although the house is full of people she still feels “lonely”. Paddy tells her that it because she has never “mixed in this environment” before.

Some of the housemates are in the living area. Darryn and Bobby are writing the shopping list. Jedward request things they like including smoothies and honey. Pamela asks them to add her cigarettes. Darryn looks annoyed adding: “People have got to eat”. Pamela mentions that they need facial wipes. Darryn shouts: “If you wanna f**king do it, do it!” Amy, Kerry, Lucien and Tara are in the garden. Lucien mentions that Darryn was cautious with the shopping budget: “Its 400 pounds spent on not very much”. Kerry adds: “That was out of order what (Darryn) said to Pam”. Amy tells housemates that she “can’t stand all this rowing”.


Amy is in the bedroom styling Darryn’s hair. Jedward have stacked all the dining chairs. Pamela is in the diary room. Big Brother asks her how the shopping list was going. She mentions Darryn “screaming” at her and says his reaction to her was not a surprise. “We haven’t been close, I try, but the longest conversation we’ve had is about my ex-husband”. She tells Big Brother that she will just “keep smiling and be nice”.


Some of the housemates are asleep. Jedward are “shaving correctly” in the bathroom. Later in the diary room, Jedward tell Big Brother that Kerry said their faces felt as smooth as a “Baby’s bottom, and she’s touched a lot of baby’s bottoms”. Jedward are bored and ask Big Brother for something to do. Bobby, Darryn and Lucien are in the garden having a lazy afternoon. Darryn suggest they clean the house: “It’s like a pig-sty”. Jedward walk into the garden holding a bag filled with water. They walk slowly toward to the housemates. Darryn warns: “If you value your life”. The housemates move as Jedward throws the bag at Darryn. Darryn picks up the now empty bag and walks slowly toward the boys. He gives them the empty bag and the boys apologise and go inside.


Jedward are in the kitchen plotting more mischief. Paddy walks by and they distract him before giving him a wedgey. Paddy laughs. Darryn and Pamela are making small talk in the garden. Pamela mentions her teeth whitening strips and Darryn jokes that she has the same dentist as “Simon Cowell”. Pamela asks him if he knows Cowell, “Pretty well” Darryn replies. He asks her how many movies she has made and Pamela names them. She says that she was in Bad Boys and Jedward get excited before Pamela says: “No, not that Bad Boys”.


Amy, Kerry and Jedward are in the bathroom. Edward is having a bath. Amy says that she’s hungry and leaves. In the bath Edward rocks back and forth and the water overflows onto the floor. John laughs: “What are we going to do with him Kerry?” “Drown him” she replies. Paddy, Lucien and Tara are in the living room and can hear what’s going on in the bathroom. Paddy tells them that the twins are “Playing with the fairies and haven’t come back”.


Amy has been called to the diary room. Big Brother asks her if she would like to win some “pink fizz” for her housemates. Big Brother tells Amy that she must drop five Shakespeare quotes into five conversations. “I’m not a fan of William Shakespeare”, she says as she is given the quotes adding: “I don’t understand them”. She has 45 minutes to complete her task. Jedward are in the bathroom cleaning, Amy enters and tries to tell them one of the quotes. She forgets it. “Love all trust a few…”, Jedward reply: “Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind”. Amy is in the kitchen and recites her quotes to Sally, Lucien and Bobby. Bobby asks Amy “Are you educating us Amy?” “I’m a fan of Shakespeare” she replies and tells him that her favourite play is “Romeo and Juliet, love it”. Amy recites a quote to Paddy and Lucien in the garden. “I wouldn’t say I’m wise I’m… intelligent?” Amy returns to the diary room and Big Brother tells her that she has won her task. “Wish I could understand Shakespeare”, she says.


Amy and Darryn are in the kitchen, and he whispers: “Who’s gonna go?” Amy replies quietly: “Sally”, Darryn agrees. Pamela is in the diary room. It’s her daughter Haley’s birthday; Big Brother has arranged a phone call with her. Pamela sings Happy Birthday adding: “I miss you with all my heart”. She tells her that “making the best of everything”. Pamela finishes her special call and returns to the living area. She tells housemates about her treat and tells them she is “The happiest mother alive”. Darryn gives her a hug.


Housemates are gathered on the sofa for tonight’s eviction. Brian announces Sally’s name and housemates say their goodbyes and she leaves the house.

In the diary room, housemates comment on Sally in turn. Paddy tells Big Brother that Sally is “a nice woman” with her “heart is in the right place”. Darryn says that it takes “a lot of guts” to come into the house. Kerry comments: “The more I got to know Sally the more I like her”. She adds that she is happy to have stayed in the house and giggles when she claims: “My mum’s phone bill must be sky high!” Bobby tells Big Brother that he is “genuinely happy” that he survived the eviction and announces: “This is day one”.


Jedward are in the kitchen; Edward tells John to eat some tuna from the tin. John refuses and goes into the bedroom. In the garden housemates make a toast to Sally. Lucien offers Pamela a cigarette and she refuses. She mentions that she has given Lucien cigarettes in the past but does not smoke the same brand, so has less for herself. They begin to bicker. Lucien says: “You’re very rude” before they talk over each other, becoming irritated with one another.


Tara and Kerry are in the garden talking about Pamela. Tara tells Kerry that she’s the “Only person in the house that makes me feel uncomfortable”. Housemates are in the bedroom. Pamela wants Sally’s bed. Darryn tells her it’s a “Ridiculous drama”. Darryn and Pamela argue about the bed situation.


Lucien and Tara are eating in the kitchen, talking about Darryn’s relationship between the other housemates. “If Darryn don’t like someone then he’ll stay out their way”. Pamela is in the diary room talking about the days events. She tells Big Brother that it’s been an “emotional day”. She talks about Darryn’s attitude towards her and that he’s “purposely being nasty for no reason” and that “kind words go a long way”.

Tara and Lucien are in the kitchen. Pamela leaves the diary room. She walks through the living room and goes outside to the garden and sits by herself.

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