Celebrity Big Brother: Denise Welch calls police after Twitter abuse gets out of hand

Denise Welch is reportedly reeling from the amount of abuse she has received on Twitter this week.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner announced on Monday that she has been separated from her husband of 24 years Tim Healy for quite a while and insisted that she is not having an affair with 39 year old toyboy Lincoln Townley, but that her family have known about the relationship for quite some time.

Her words didn’t ring true for many people and after her appearance on Loose Women, Twitter was alight with doubters who claimed that she was just trying to save face and her career.

But some people took things a step too far and today, Welch told The Daily Star that she received a number of ‘sick’ tweets from Twitter users and admitted that she felt she had to involve the police, after one person told her to “slit her wrists.”

Denise admitted:

“It’s a shame that just a few horrible and evil faceless tweeters will get extra publicity for writing such vile things.

“I’m made of stern stuff so I’ll be fine.

“I don’t normally respond but I just felt they needed putting in their place.’’

Addressing the issue, on the micro blogging site Welch also tweeted:

“Please stop being horrible to people you don’t know. You’ll be much happier.

“By the way, my work have reported you to the police and they’ve traced you.

“Have a good day.”

While we here at Unreality TV totally stand against the sort of abuse Denise has been facing online, we do think that rather than involving the police and making a big issue out of this, she should perhaps try to live her life less in the public eye.

After all – and we forgot this until she mentioned it in Big Brother – she is actually quite a talented actress and perhaps she should invest more energy in trying to pursue that area of her career again, than staying in the headlines because of her personal life or worse, because she’s got her boobs out again!

Wouldn’t you agree? Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!