For today’s task housemates must complete a series of challenges set by Big Brother in order to free birthday boy Vinnie from a phone booth in the garden.

Vinnie has been instructed by Big Brother to enter the phone booth and shut the door. Throughout the task, and until he is released, Vinnie will be tarred with feathers.

The rest of the housemates will be facing their own tasks in order to reveal a number which can then be passed over to Vinnie to help him be released.

The housemates will be taking part in the following challenges:

Celebrity Maths

A board will be revealed in the Garden featuring five of the 11 celebrities’ faces. All housemates must work out the celebrity equation to reveal the number.

Mouse Traps

One housemate will be instructed to enter the Small Task Room. Inside, the housemate will find100 set mouse traps. Some will be set with cheese; others will be set with strips of paper. The celebrity housemate has a set time to find a numbered strip of paper.

Pressure Pad

One housemate will be instructed to go to the Large Task Room where they’ll find manure and a pressure pad. The housemate must transfer the manure onto the pressure pad until the correct weight is measured. The number will appear from a tube in the ceiling.

Dirty Boy

Two housemates will be asked to enter the Small Task Room to find a large man covered in brown paint, holding two cups of water and two toothbrushes. The two housemates must scrub off the paint until they find the numbers written on his body.

Chicken Splitten

Housemates will be instructed to enter the Large Task Room where they’ll find 50 chickens laid out and x-rays on the wall showing an object inside a chicken’s body. Housemates must find the numbers with their hands.


Big Brother will give the housemates a riddle. The housemates must solve the riddle in order to find the number hidden in the House.

When, and if, the housemates get all six numbers, Vinnie must dial them in the correct order upon Big Brother’s instruction to be released. Vinnie will then face an extra task, ‘Pop Bitching’, to win a party for the House.


Once released from the phone booth Vinnie will have to complete his own special birthday task. In the task room he will find 200 black balloons and a mask. Vinnie must try and pop the balloons, wearing the mask to reveal a secret message.

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!